Trevor Noah Destroys Donald Trump and His Supporters On CNN With Van Jones Messy Truth Live

Trevor Noah Destroys Donald Trump and His Supporters On CNN With Van Jones Messy Truth Live
Trevor Noah Destroys Donald Trump and His Supporters On CNN With Van Jones Messy Truth Live
Trevor Noah Destroys Donald Trump and His Supporters On CNN With Van Jones Messy Truth Live


  • why should we care what a nìgger says on a network that constantly attempts to push accusations onto our president with No evidence to back them up
  • At 12:00, the answer is with our money. Marching and protesting will not cut these days.
  • Trevor Noah is to smart like wow
  • so what do you want. Trump out of office. But all these little people really don't mean a thing. So want have you lot, nothing important. just a bunch of talk about nothing you have to impeach him, all you palaver means NOTHING.
  • Trevor answered the woman's celebrity question perfectly.
  • hour long propaganda.
  • *dis nigga talk like mike tyson*
  • The title of this video pretty much goes against the message of the video -.-
  • I like both these guys. They are both at least trying to see both sides and letting both sides speak.
  • I wish people could have political discussions like this. I have liberal views and I have conservative views and I usually cannot stand hearing anyone talking politics because they just yell and don't form coherent arguments. This show however made me respect both sides views and believe in conservatives again because they listened and made good points.
  • Man... they're really going hard with the republican propaganda. More than half of commercial breaks... 😕
  • I want Trevor to bethe first gay president of USA
  • This vid can higher a lot of people's IQ
  • Sorry Trevor Noah but you really upset me when you told me Fuck You for being in opposition to Obama getting $400,000 from Wall St. I made $16,000 last year serving domestically in an Americorps program. I am about to have my Medicaid and food stamps cut by Trump. Wages are not gonna go up. Americorps is going to be defunded if he gets his way. I had to take out a loan which I may default on because I can't find full time work. To see our former president taking this 400k quid pro quo blow-j makes me feel like a real joke.... 2,400 hours of valuable, honorable, life changing and back breaking community, environmental and disaster volunteerism. A promise that if I fulfilled my 2400 hr commitment I would have a much higher chance at qualifying for a career in public service and resource management. Well I'm working 18-22hrs a week doing valet parking at minimum wage and can't feed my self some nights. Imagine barely having enough gas to get home after a hard day's work, nothing to eat in the house. So you layown on the couch and flip on the TV and see Obama on the screen waiving at people. The caption at the bottom says Obama does $400,000 speech at Gold. Sac.
  • Fuck Van Jones! He thinks you are all dumb as hell with his version of folksy talk. And fuck him for his Trump apologetics.
  • I agree Hollywood should not play a role on how people think I agree ☝️. Trevor ur not from here . Don't piss America off they will definitely sell you.
  • Educated people, getting together and having a constructive discussion! Take note SA
  • Thank you Van Jones ♥ :)
  • the video starts at @4:39
  • Trevor's a funny man
  • Noah is a dancing monkey
  • ru u worried about obama hill spying on every opponent to rig election..using irs as weapon...commie not investigating 145 mill clinton foundation got when hillary sold. usa uranium to putin company..worried u have been accusing someone for a yr with no evidence.and havent figgured out dems and tv news is overthrowing country because their mad
  • Trevor is everything. I wanna marry him right now
  • footage is fucked 19 min in
  • The local government impacts your life the most, most people don't bother to vote in the local elections! We are our own worst enemy!
  • 28:00 His ideas are to get rid of you. His idea is that you are less of a person than him because of your heritage. This is a sad situation. Through out history, in every bullied community, there are always some members that start supporting the bully thinking somehow that is going to make them safe. They think that will pull them out of the bullied community and put them on the "winning" team. Unfortunately, they just get used and spit out. He can give Trump all the praise he wants which Trump will gladly exploit but the guy is never going to be "one of the gang" in Trump's eyes. Trump is never going to fight for that guy's interests.
  • Trevor Noah is a stupid red coat British toad with a gay accent. He hates America and free market capitalism.
  • I really hate that parts have no audio
  • At around 19:20 the video and audio stops working and at 21:16 it starts working again. What's up with that?
  • YOU better apologize. As u are right now, I guess!
  • this is crazy, they act talk and behave like communist with a behavior of authoritarian power trying to pass fear and fill with unhappiness about a democratic. system that was set to make America great.
  • Obama has a fake birth certificate, is using other people's social security numbers, had a secret room in the WH with rugs set up to pray to allah, and the coast guard found tons of cocaine on one of his yacht; yet you people of color are always defending him just because of his skin color and never commenting. If Trump was black would you protect him like you do obama? As for these protests and marches, Soros and the elite are behind it to cause civil war and bring in the NWO which Obama is for.
  • van has such great skin...
  • I swear, Van Jones has the smoothest bald head I have ever seen!!!
  • Trevor isn't a great observer. He would be totally demolished in an argument against Ben Shapiro, James Alsip, and others. Doesn't withstand his argument and can be easily thrown out of place
  • That Republican economist didn't answer any of the questions, just pivoted to conservative talking points. It's really disappointing to see someone who should have some authority and ownership simply bow out of what should have been a more considerate conversation.
  • Affordable Care Act ... that's what at stake.
  • "What is a radical liberal?" What a question.
  • trevor noah is as wrong as he was months ago when talking about mike pence being anti-semitic. OMG look where trump's at right now: praying in isreal! if trevor noah wants to know what the right fears, it's the lie that your central control over education, healthcare, and communication is not free like you say. It is at the cost of our liberty. liberals want security for freedom. conservatives want freedom for security. a great example of our fears is the way that the black man in this video was cut out when explaining why he voted for trump. Gonna censor free speech to win? then you're not a winner, you're a cheater and a thief, so GTFO!
  • Too close to confirmation bias in warning against empathizing with people who you don't agree with beyond small differences. Writing off your enemies at the outset prevents one from accurately perceiving the objective differences. Changing others as an agenda item isn't very productive because, I would think, it's basis would be in false understanding.
  • Trevor, the only thing you destroyed is your self. You aren't funny and you're racist.
  • Trevor acts a like a light skin nigga, and Van acts like a dark skin nigga.
  • I've listen to pundits talk against and for the "Affordable Care Act" for different reasons. The question that needs to be ask is, why not improve on what the Affordable Care Act falls short on and working out the kinks to make it better. That way it want seem like the obvious. Which is the republicans and/or the democrats wanting there party to be recognized for getting health care worked out for the American people.
  • The word "DESTROYS" is used as a click bait tool to get people to watch the video. Anything concerning trump, debate, and all of it dealt with peacefully will most likely not get any views by either side.
  • Van Jones is not very smart. He thinks he is or just wants others to think he is and he tries to show up whoever he is interviewing. With someone as smart as Trevor that doesn't work. Van interrupts with remarks that aren't funny and he repeats what others say. He doesn't seem to have thoughts of his own. Trevor Noah is brilliant and funny. I love watching him. He knows how to think.
  • Voting is the polite way to let our representatives know what we want. But after all the Republican gerrymandering, voter suppression, and thrown out votes, people's votes aren't being counted. There's rude ways to let our representatives know how we feel, and what we want, too. If the Right doesn't want our votes, they'll increasingly be exposed to the rude way.
  • Trevor Noah for President 2020
  • a lot of the people who get caught smuggling into Texas, at least where I live, are citizens. and trying to build a wall across the whole border is fucking stupid. waste of money and time. they've been digging tunnels for years.
  • Does anyone else's video pause at 19:22?

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