Making Sense of Trump's Afghanistan War Strategy: The Daily Show

Making Sense of Trump's Afghanistan War Strategy: The Daily Show
Making Sense of Trump's Afghanistan War Strategy: The Daily Show
President Trump unveils a vague new military strategy for the war in Afghanistan during a primetime address. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • Yes Trump before what u said at 0:27, victory didnt have a clear definition
  • Just admit it Trevor, you hate Trump because he's a white male, and you're a racist, sexist, xenophobe! Also, please give us an update on the white genocide in your home country of South Africa, or do white lives not matter to you? (yes I know you're half white, which is not an argument).
  • It shows that usa democary is a illusion and presidents are puppets of USA milatry the true power what controls usa and its decisions
  • It deas not matter who is the president. Americans u can vote a monkey, the outcome is the same. Ruled by evil warmongers Empire. Stupid Americans still think they are making the changes by voting democrats or republicans
  • I bet Melania wishes he'd pull out more...
  • People say, Trumps father accidentally got his mother pregnant deep in her Asshole so Trump grew deep in the shit in his mothers Asshole and was borne in an outhouse whole when she was taking a shit, thats why he is always yellow and looks like and sounds like an old infected diarrhea.
  • intent door expand here interior bed specialist slope impression bias
  • it does not matter what north korea or afghanistan does ...america is evil and trump and the republican party will destroy them with their insanity . mark my word america. america is an inside job/false flag.
  • South african shithead!!
  • Trump for me I don't see him like president.he is just like tv entertainment. nothing special look not like president walk not like president talk not like president. But look like tv entertainment
  • Roy mustang was right mini skirts were the real reson.🤔
  • Afghanistan the "graveyard of empires" Said, Alexander the great, The Mongols, the British, the Russians(twice!) and now Americans.
  • So the exact opposite of before he was president... right... Plot twist.
  • Trump said he is a problem solver and he created the problems.
  • Would you really leave your family and die for this Orange Clown? I guess, Americans are now paying for their sins.
  • Can we just burn that little shitty country and just pretend that it never existed?
  • The North Koreans can't even feed their population! So how the heck will they fight the America Britain and Japan?
  • Trumps dads initial instinct should have been to pull out 😂😂😂
  • My country has been in this war for my entire life. Get us the fuck out of the Middle East already.
  • Blue tie Trump is a Clone...
  • I wonder if Trump saw the Netflix movie War Machine.
  • Now I'm really curious to know the actual size of Trump's vocabulary, probably a 1000 at the very most. If I have to make an educated guess, I'd say 600. Prove me wrong Trump!
  • I mean everytime we go into a county to establish a Democracy it has never work
  • PULL OUT PULL OUT!!!!! TRUMP NO I SAID PULL OUT NOT GO BACK IN FUCKK!!! now you have more kids
  • sending more troops into foreign lands, for an indeterminate span of time, yeah... sounds like a great idea, so long as you send other people's kids right? While his is glorying in the power and prestige of his office doing jack squat. Okay, so maybe it's not fair to say his kids aren't doing anything, to be more accurate what they're doing is somewhere in the spectrum between "useless" to "seemingly useful, probably".
  • nice moustache
  • So basically the plan is to occupy Afghanistan for what the next 10, 20 years or even longer then that?
  • it is liberals who have dementia- democrats originally defended slavery. Today's liberals defend open borders and illegal immigration because these elites,Hollywood and the media want some Mexican to clean their windows for 5 cents a day. You elite liberals are no better than slave owners and only Trump is bold enough to stand against you.
  • Why are we pretending that both parties dont work for the same corporate masters? Trump is just following Obama's example. Obama campained on ending wars and closing Gitmo, none of which he was able to do. Presidents are figureheads. The true rulers are never metioned in the media
  • Same bullsh*t, different puppet.
  • Can you keep the music at the end lower volume please?
  • I love how leftists in the comment will bash Trump for continuing a wat that the former president had every bit of authority to end and choose not to, this is what happens when you have two inexperienced and egotistical president pretending they know that the hell they are doing
  • No diff between obama or trump no solution. Only trump takes the shit. Still got to admit sometimes the show made me laugh.
  • my instinct was to pull out too.🤦🏿 I usually follow my instinct too but... now I got 2 kids and a baby mama😂 soooo.
  • Came here for update on Trump's presidency - stayed for the BAZINGA!
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  • Your trump impression is so bad it's funny
  • be nice if they didnt make the end thing so loud vs the actual video.
  • I would like to know what trump it will be if hasn't got one million from his father ?!! You think he be president right know
  • Of course he wants more trups on grozno....its opium season.
  • Looks like Melania wrote Trump's speech.
  • Rip the future students who have to learn about everything that's going on
  • Trump... when will the insanity end
  • Listen to this useless,Racist,FOREIGN prick tell American People what or how to think about our President! Hey little BLACK boy go run around with your Muslim TRAITOR the little BLACK Boy from KENYA that they hate his dumbest as bad as America does!
  • I honestly think we need to a system that Israeli uses; every citizen is required to serve for a year in some service to the nation, be it military or something else. If all of the politicians, rich businessmen had to send their sons and daughters into the military, with the Meat Grinder close by, I think they would take a few more minutes before committing troops.
  • bad move Mr president Pakistan has been our ally for decades during the cold war during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and during America's war on oil ... i mean terror in doing so Pakistan has had to endure us drone attacks on civilian's lost over 70000 lives during the war on terror billions in revenue and terrorist attacks on its land in mind boggling numbers. remember we funded and created the foundations of the Taliban.
  • very very AWESOME
  • great jokes .. you guys have been lacking in those lately

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