Is Jared Kushner the Real President?: The Daily Show

Is Jared Kushner the Real President?: The Daily Show
Is Jared Kushner the Real President?: The Daily Show
Real estate executive and son-in-law to President Trump Jared Kushner gets tasked with defeating ISIS, brokering peace in the Middle East and reforming the justice system. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • No matter what ? You hit the bullseye 🎯 😉😉😉
  • Jared bankrupt the company he's running and he's in debt. 1billion 💵
  • A Jew behind the scene running the country. Oh vey what a surprise
  • "it turns out that Donald Trump has a blind trust after all" GOLD XD
  • Jared Kushner's eyes are so empty
  • Somone should luck up Trump.
  • Wow... All the white house has family employees it's like an Arab dictator
  • Surprised he hasn’t killed himself already that’s a lot of pressure
  • the trump team is destroying AMERICA. 🇺🇸
  • The Russians are in the white house. thank you Republicans
  • 😹 Haha 😹 Haha💬💬📂
  • But most importantly... Jared kushner's voice.....
  • Wow you're even asking yourself this question in america !! You're really turning into a 3rd world dictator country
  • I think kushner is going to have sorros helping him with all that Too much work for him alone !
  • Is Trevor Noah the real crack spider's bitch?
  • Kushners is a Jew, his wife Ivanka a convert. Kushners old office perhaps his current one is on fifth avenue building number 666. .... Jesus died because of the Jews, Jews blamed the Romans and washed their hands. 300 years later Rome fell because Jewish we're into all political and economic interest and bankrupted the Romans. Afterward Jews weren't allowed in any power or influence....enter the dark ages...alot of people died and Civilization was reset. USA is Rome 2.0. The talmud IS the satanic book and zionist Jews are God's fallen angels!! Zionist Jews are the demons in all parts of American society. The Bible says "you have eyes but do not see, ears but cannot hear"'s written on the wall folks. It's world history with biblical talmud exposed....peace!
  • OMG.. Loyalty does not a good decision maker make..  Da chump is making a mockery of the US and putting us in grave danger .. Don't send your kids to fight under his whatever u call this jackass show.
  • I get better more real  news from Trevor than FOX NEWS   da chump never my president
  • wait...did he just pass the buck to his son-in-law? he gave his son-in-law the heavy lifting!? wow...
  • Between jokes is truth told. Sometimes the answer is in the question. Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States. Brought to you by the alumbrados.
  • ehhhhhhhhhh - his address!
  • Wasn't jared kushner's father charles the reason donald trump became so rich in the first place?
  • WTF !!! How on God`s green earth is this even possible ?
  • Do some thing different. Only thing you do is Trump.
  • Jy is nie snaaks nie trevor.
  • Trump's favorite color balloon is gold.
  • here are some intersting facts about Jared Kushner :
  • And of course ivanka is the first lady
  • 0:00-0:06 Astute observation Trevor
  • Poor Jared. No human can do all that.
  • "The fox who gets elected without saying a word" Nostradamus.
  • DAMN YOU PEOPLE, its a no brainer!!! I thought Americans know their politics more than the rest of the world. You don't have to be a professor to realize that Donald Trump won the presidency to pave the way for the future of US politics and that future is JARED KUSHNER and IVANKA. By the time his term is over, the power couple will be more influential than Hillary & Bill. Any hillbillies or coal-towners who thought its their victory are delusional, you will be more disappointed than those people who were marching across the cities. I mean, who wouldn't vote for Donald, he is a self-made billionaire and that is the ultimate symbol for success in any dimension. He carried the ticket for his kids and it worked.You refused Chelsea Clinton so live with what you got, it ain't bad after-all. The racial slurs and "climate change is a hoax" got you to VOTE taking advantage of 'WHITE POWER' and the desperate COAL MINERS who r fighting for relevance of fossil fuels. You know who is THE PRESIDENT and its not TRUMP.....
  • Why not Ivanka as the real president?
  • am I the only who thinks Alex Jones should be on that list?
  • The real power is the cooperatives.. like KFC, Apple etc.
  • that dude is the head of the illuminati
  • I trusted my best friend to do my bypass surgery, but bitch never went to medical school! Yeah, im typing this from beyond the grave, people.
  • Title ruined the surprise.
  • Trump is trying to keep him busy so he can spend more time with Ivanka
  • Donald Trump uses an Android, he likes to show it off
  • A shadow president should make you very happy. Anybody but Trump, hey?
  • I thought only in third world countries where president bring his own family to power!!! I guess i was wrong
  • fucking idiot
  • Not to forget his a zionist
  • What if this is just Trump's elaborate plan to make Ivanka single just so he can get with her lol
  • Vampire with a temporary visa to walk in sunlight.
  • That was a long setup for a not-that funny joke. Just sayin'. I like Trevor but he's just not near as funny as Jon was.
  • These are the worst of times, these are the worst of times. Evil is Jared
  • Don Lemons a dip..

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