Trevor Noah - Zambia loves escalators, just "don't be gay."

Trevor Noah - Zambia loves escalators, just "don't be gay."
Trevor Noah - Zambia loves escalators, just "don't be gay."
Trevor covers the events of a trip to Zambia in his IT'S MY CULTURE (2013) stand-up comedy special. Follow Trevor:


  • I want to see a g-unit sketch
  • Not that funny
  • Don't diss Zambia, Escalators are fcking awesome!!!!
  • Bet Trump would call this Zamibia.
  • I felt guilty laughing at these jokes! Sooo FUNNY!!!
  • I can watch this the whole day........."In fact I don't gay at all" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • I lived in Zimbabwe during revolution. I went through the gate when I arrived with sign over arrival gate " Welcome to RHODESIA." Two years later I went to the airport and went through the gate with sign that said "Come Again to Zimbabwe."
  • People were doing the same thing in my country when escalators first were built around 5-10 years ago lol
  • 2:45 "YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL!" "Oh noo!
  • 2:02 anyone else thought he sounded a bit like Kevin Hart there? No? Just me?
  • Am i the only one who thinks this is not funny at all.
  • I love the way your mind works man !! Funny shit
  • By far the least funny black guy I've ever seen. Thank god America is in love with pc fags, so this guy can host the daily show instead of sucking cock for chicken.
  • "so tell me sir! ,what is that i can smell on your breath,,,,is that balls???"" ,,,"no,, no,no i ,i don't even eat chutney no!!"
  • It took me 16 years to see my first escalators I and I freaked out
  • Who is this little weasel?
  • Lots of love from Zambia😛😚😚😚😚
  • *i think hes in to deep* *well tell him to pull out*
  • #Zambia
  • "have to respect culture" pfffh! FGM, circumcision and stoning is "culture" too.. Fuck THAT.. I`ll just stay the hell out of that shithole..
  • who is Noah?
  • g-unit = gay unit.
  • loooooool two by two ........loooool stop it brake
  • Not a word about the actual human rights abuse going on there. It's all cutesy fun and games when gay people are persecuted. If this was happening in America, would you be so cavalier about it?
  • 1:05 I get you. In Wales, people see random welsh words and think "that's nice I'm gonna name my child that". I once met a girl called ali and when I asked her if it was short for anything she said it was short for Allanfa Tan. That translates to Fire Exit
  • "Don't be gay". Well there goes my trip to Zambia.
  • haha i lost it when he said "I know it can be tempting"
  • Oh noo~
  • I did not find this funny at all considering the US was like this in most places before equality protections.
  • So being raped is a pleasant thing for gays to happen? Is that really what you are saying?
  • i'm from cuba and it's literally the same thing wrt the name thing. ajkfnakmfanfa.
  • 8:00 his women act is more butch than the gay act.
  • he's from the Gods Must Be Crazy Clan
  • that mans laught priceless 03,40 mins funny as well :-)
  • You're freaking hilarious Sir!! Love your work!! 💜 You've gained a fan from India. 😊
  • Why do i feel sad..people laugh about escalator...something that daily normal for them..but such a special n priceless thing in other part of they laugh to if that escalator is about food? Is this normal what i feel in that jokes?
  • Except it's a prison full of actual criminals who would like to kill gays because they believe that's right.
  • Zambia needs help, omg.
  • Whoelse wants to kiss him in the mouth?
  • I didn't realise this guy was so funny!!
  • I never got to experience escalators a lot so I relate to Zambia
  • I love you so much. It hurts.
  • I used to love Trevor Noah, but these jokes about gay people happy to go to jail. and how funny it is that being gay is against the law... how is it funny that all gay people born in countries like that have to live in fear. And it's not a stretch to imagine that being gay is against the law - that was law in most of the world 60 years ago.
  • I'm going to take you to the escalators garl lol
  • He reminds me of John snow somehow
  • 2:46 lmaoooooo
  • Wow this got really popular 😂
  • I am so happy I saw this guy on Gabriel Iglesias' channel.
  • I hate this guy

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