Trevor Noah - Zambia loves escalators, just "don't be gay."

Trevor Noah - Zambia loves escalators, just "don't be gay."
Trevor Noah - Zambia loves escalators, just "don't be gay."
Trevor covers the events of a trip to Zambia in his IT'S MY CULTURE (2013) stand-up comedy special. Follow Trevor:


  • They be like "You are going to jail" and i be like "Oh noooo😄😄
  • I wanted to check if the names thing was true, so I looked at the Zambia National Football team roster. They have a goalkeeper called Toaster.
  • Shitty stand up, amazing crowd
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Amazing how comedy can make people have fun and be informed abou social and political inequality
  • Fuck you you lil girl you loved it when he gave it to you
  • So Zambians(?) name kids in English the same way English people get Chinese tattoos? Nice..
  • I wish you could go to somalia 🇸🇴 and experience the beauty of the country and also get the funniest joke in this universe. ❤️🇩🇯🇸🇴
  • Trevor you are living legend bro.
  • watch his gig, live at free apollo. wearing the exact same outfit
  • Officer: "Then tell me ser, what is that I can smell on your breath? Is that *BALLS*?" Driver: "No, I don't even eat chutney"
  • he's really hilarious, except for the stereotyping of gay men and the fat joke, I think this is what he talked about recently when he said some of the jokes he made before he'd never do now
  • what's chatni
  • Can someone explain the chutney part? Lol
  • Straight people laughing at homophobia
  • I'm South African, from Cape Town 🇿🇦
  • he really likes that shirt and jacket combo...
  • I watched videos of zambian escalators after this
  • your going to jail...oh noooo! LMFAO
  • Just don't be gay
  • G-force?
  • Such things are pretty common in almost all developing nations.
  • what the fuck are those pants tho?
  • He is so cute
  • I remember in Ethiopia, people coming to the capital from different parts of the country used to go to the airport to see the escalator and sliding door. I was one of them, and It was so entertaining at the time-:) .
  • Good look: I'm waiting for him to talk about to be gay in South Africa, the corruption, crime and in the Townships [...] racial discrimination and the escalated violence that other Africans immigrants are facing in the Rainbow Nation (South Africa) ./.
  • Lol the police is corrupt Trevor, they don't get enough money
  • Lol I'm from Zambia and I totally agree!
  • LOL
  • so adorable
  • Funny stuff!
  • all jokes about me will impress you. what if I joked about you🙈 l'll be dodged immediately. keep on your hard working teaching them to understand.
  • This guy is so hilarious 😂😂He makes me proud to be from South Africa 😂
  • 2:44
  • This man....any woman could fall in love instantly. Gotta stay away or I'll end up watching all his videos. lol X_X
  • I love this guys accent
  • OMG I lived in Lusaka for 5 years and all of this is SO TRUE!!!
  • This man is so fucking sexy. Hello, Mr. Gorgeous. :o)
  • My first many times i was always excited to get on exscalator
  • I love ur accents!!
  • His accents are divine ❤ Makes me miss Botswana so much
  • i have not laughed this hard on a stand up xD
  • i'm going to take you out on the escalator again..LMFAO!!
  • he is just gold lool
  • Zambia's got a gaydar xD
  • 2:08 being gay is illegal! I just found my new home!!
  • I love Trevor Noah and I think his routine about "just don't be gay" is funny BUT...he relies too much on stereotypical "gayness" to be almost borderline homophobic...and if not homophobic, just offensive. He could "gay it down" and still be funny, but hey that's just me. I also recognize that it's a comedian's job to push boundaries, but I wonder if he'd do a routine about fried chicken, watermelon, and African Americans. Stereotypes, while often based on some degree of truth, will always be offensive to those held up for ridicule. And please, no "butt hurt" comments. My butt is just fine...and fabulous if I must say so myself /|\
  • Trevor "No-Ah Talent" is the lamest and unfunniest so-called comedian. This walking turd is just a Libtard trying to poke fun at decent hard-working people...and failing miserably. His only qualification to have his own show is he is black. Libtards fall over themselves for morons like this asshole. Dave Chapppelle....Chris Rock...these guys are funny and talented....Eddie Murphy, again, a great talent. Trevor Noah......lame Libtard prop.
  • rass
  • his eyes are so full of life omg

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