Trevor Noah - Zambia loves escalators, just "don't be gay."

Trevor Noah - Zambia loves escalators, just "don't be gay."
Trevor Noah - Zambia loves escalators, just "don't be gay."
Trevor covers the events of a trip to Zambia in his IT'S MY CULTURE (2013) stand-up comedy special. Follow Trevor:



  • Trevor stopped being funny when he went on his crusade against Trump...
  • 6:05 (escalator part) First time I watched this, never thought I'd see the day when something similar happened. But Lo! It happens. In Mamuju, Indonesia. First mall there... it went just like how Trevor said...
  • forgive me if I'm wrong but, I'm pretty sure russel peters did a bit about the escalator as well
  • This is kiddo is so intelligent and funny. :)
  • What is that i can smell on your breathe, is that balls ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • that fucking fake laugh
  • Africans use an escalator for the first time in their lives
  • HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! You're so Fancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • He's cute when he said "oh noooo" 🤣😆😂😭
  • People in Africa don't want gay, because they don't believe the poop comes out from a hole where a dick goes into.. On top of that Aids is finishing the African children. So they have to put an end to it.
  • roadblocks wouldnt work, gays cant drive
  • Is that *🅱️ A L L S*
  • "no, no, no gays for me. no gays for me" is me whenever i'm at a family gathering and i have to hide my lesbian from my heterosexual family members
  • Turn on the subtitles while he sings the escalator song ( at 9:21 ) . Thank me later lol
  • Ome cultures are better than others
  • Sorry, I didn't laugh at all !
  • Ok I love Trevor but this is such a problematic segment
  • Your amazing ❤I'm dying 😂
  • He is great stand up comedian I have ever seen. Stay blessed brother Noah
  • I have lived in Zambia my whole life and I have never seen kids so crazy😂😂😂😂
  • Now im wondering how much of this is true...xD
  • whatta homo!
  • Kind of racist and homophobic.
  • Why did I think that he was gay?????
  • ehye dude you're so fancy lol this makes my day
  • I love him!
  • stop it brake
  • Post fluid alarm report labor like destruction complaint description operating unit.
  • Holy shit he actually used to be funny.
  • Fucker😂😂😂
  • He’s cute?
  • Amazing one
  • You R the best!!! THANKS Respect from UZBEKISTAN
  • This guy is so funny I would love to meet his mom one day I think he's a blessed child I also think he could run for president so funny
  • yes trevor in Zambia being gal is not just a crime its a shame to our culture! we are proud we do not with the west man!
  • My gosh!!! This was amazing “sirii, how does an escalator work?” 😂😂😂
  • lol, though this is my country being joked about I just love this joke
  • Yes, because all gay people are stereotypes... and this from a black man.
  • 😂😂😂😂
  • 2 by 2 Trevor has killed me
  • 5:20
  • this is descrimination to zambia. you are lucky i am not zambianes moron.
  • I do this with my students, every week. I take them to the mall to ride the escalator here.
  • LOVE him come to york pa we need laughter everyone depressed here lol.
  • ''Escalator'' ''Escalator''
  • lmfao
  • I worked with a Zambian guy named Airplane!
  • Detective Chippewa? I am from the Chippewa Valley and that is an unusual word to hear outside of this region.
  • They actually just have to catch you having a relationship with another gay person (having intercourse, kissing, etc.).

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