France v Belgium - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 61

France v Belgium - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 61
France v Belgium - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 61
France booked their place in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final thanks to a goal from Samuel Umtiti. Find out where to watch live: More match highlights: More from Russia 2018: More World Cup stories: Follow all the action from Russia across the FIFA Platforms: 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉



  • Ali-a le blu!
  • Belgien wird das Ding Rocken, eines Tages
  • This match was basically france vs france.
  • FRANCE 😘😘😘😘
  • At least it wasn't 7-1 like 4 years ago
  • Belgium was very great ,,they deserved the win and to be in final.
  • Vous etes nul les belges
  • What strikes me, is that the French tactics of putting all in defence at 0-0 already and winning time with no justified reason (inconsequent referee there), is accepted by many and even considered 'smart', while if Belgium uses the same tactics in a 2-0 lead against Brazil, it's not accepted and considered 'lucky'...
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  • Umtiti, Griezmann, Lloris 1 - 0 Belgium
  • Болельщица понравился бельгийка или француженка глазами мигают.Пожалуйста отзовитесь.
  • Umtiti made my day on that match
  • FRANCE WON THE GAME BELGUIM WIN OUR HEARTS 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I AM A BELGUIM BUT I LOVE YOU FRANCE 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 love you both ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇫🇷🇧🇪🇫🇷🇧🇪🇫🇷🇧🇪🇫🇷🇧🇪
  • Brave Belgium eliminated?????
  • Lloris absolutely saved france
  • guys im french but we cannot be that nasty to belgium they played much better than us they deserved to win
  • Allay lay bleu
  • Yes umtiti
  • Umtiti 😱
  • 1:12 😍
  • Belgeim
  • Mbappe you baller 🔥
  • France 1-0
  • Alley les blo 😂
  • Glad to watch Belgium lose
  • Champions du monde les gens
  • Malay logo? pause at 0:13
  • Французы молодцы!
  • Fue mejor Bélgica
  • Real final.....
  • 1:35 loritafitso?¿?¿
  • France vs Belgium 1- 0 World Cup 2018
  • Snijq
  • belgium was the winners in the semi final . suddenly france wins
  • France France win yes
  • This match was the two best teams. Reminds me of the 2014 cup when France lost to Germany. The winner of that game was going to win it all.
  • do that belgium dont worry
  • The africa champions the world cup (france)
  • Yeah FRANCE 😍😍😍😍 ⭐⭐🏆
  • I was told that I was wrong! The French Team had 5 white players, not 3 like I was saying. Well I only saw 3, but if there were 5, well I was wrong. But the Nigerian Team had 100 Black Players. To Macron, those African Countries don't have any racial guilt!! Black Liberia has a black only immigration policy, South Africa is taking the farms away from white people while you are handing over France to the Africans. So if you can't stop it, I would suggest to change the name of France. Because if the Africans do take over, they won't want to live in a country with a white name. So why not change the name of France to Wakanda!!
  • ptdrrrr les fritix qui s'en sont toujours pas remis
  • 1:02 hahahahahahah
  • Brazil is best
  • Bonjour je vous remercie de votre réponse je vous souhaite de bonnes vacances à vous deux
  • Don't know that France can match against it's own region
  • I like how France destroyed Belgium. Belgium at her best she can't win anything. It's the same thing for Hazard
  • Wew mbappe revenge for ney and umtiti for coutinho and griez for filipe luis
  • Where were the white players??
  • Umtiti best dancer ever

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