Trump Admits Being POTUS Is Hard, Flubs the Civil War: A Closer Look

Trump Admits Being POTUS Is Hard, Flubs the Civil War: A Closer Look
Trump Admits Being POTUS Is Hard, Flubs the Civil War: A Closer Look
Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump's latest revelations, including that he doesn't really know why the Civil War happened. » Subscribe to Late Night: » Get more Late Night with Seth Meyers: » Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers Weeknights 12:35/11:35c on NBC. LATE NIGHT ON SOCIAL Follow Late Night on Twitter: Like Late Night on Facebook: Find Late Night on Tumblr: Connect with Late Night on Google+: Late Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube features A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy, and topical monologue jokes. NBC ON SOCIAL Like NBC: Follow NBC: NBC Tumblr: NBC Pinterest: NBC Google+: YouTube: NBC Instagram: Trump Admits Being POTUS Is Hard, Flubs the Civil War: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers Late Night with Seth Meyers



  • DT is nothing but a yuge loser
  • "Jobs and healthcare are coming back, and its going be so easy".
  • I will follow you will enlighten me how to recover your index is under way😗😏
  • Being fake news Is not Hard, Flubs the Civil War
  • Thank you!!! Literally LOL 😂 😆 😝 Is this button, right? 💥
  • love me some Seth go get him Seth
  • there u go that was exactly his mind set idiot
  • He was listening one of guns n' roses song ( it's so easy when everybody is trying to please me )
  • Today I boyonetted my own brother. "For what purposes?!!" He cried. And I, of course, responded "I do not know. Nobody knows"
  • We would like you to go back to your old life as soon as possible! Sincerely the MAJORITY of VOTERS!!
  • The orange baby is getting. Hurt hahahahahahabsgdfsedtqws I can’t control my typing because the big baby is a idiot
  • President Clueless
  • Can the reapers just invade the galaxy already.
  • Wow WTF it's to easy
  • While we are castigating Trump's ignorance of US History, Seth should also remind his writers, that Grant did not go anywhere near Gettysburg. While that battle was being fought in Pennsylvania, Grant was besieging Vicksburg Mississippi, which surrendered the day after the Battle of Gettysburg ended.
  • This guy is such a moron it’s no longer even funny
  • Seth is a fucking savage!! He's so good at this
  • “Is so easy” “So easy” “So e a s y” “sO eAsY”
  • Well, I mean, Alex Trebek was born and raised in Canada, so it kind of makes sense he isn't on your $5 bill...
  • Spoiler alert good one
  • Being president is hard. Yeah, it is. That’s kind of the point. Resign if it’s too hard
  • Nice suit
  • I don't understand. How can the aura, magnificence, prestige, and greatness of Rump lead to such buffoonery? Stable genius theory debunked in this and other A Closer Look episodes
  • Trust me, it’s so easy! It’s so easy to screw everyone over!
  • 4:50,... LOL, After being corrected and responding the way he did, I was almost expecting Trump to quickly pardon himself, then go running out of the room yelling *""SYRIA!!!,.. I MEANT SYRIA!!!!,...*
  • Donald the Clown
  • This guy in the White House is really a fucking moron!!!
  • Good morning! How are you feeling? You can e-mail me the contract. For the check send it to to Clovis office to Cheryl Chambers. 352 West Spruce Ave. Clovis, CA 93611 Thanks. Have a wonderful Thursday. Happy New Year! All the best! Ron
  • Late Night media sold their asses to the worst motherfuckers on this planet! Hollyhell Celebrities, Harvey Weinsteins and Late Night sellouts are a pool of phony, pedo satanists, sick hypocrit scum…
  • The definition of moron is Donald J Trump.
  • Well he got one thing right. Andrew Jackson was a really, REALLY angry man. Like, he was REALLY fucking angry. All the fucking time.
  • isn't it funny how the tables turn. the americans used to make fun of african leaders but this by far is just plain ridiculous. he is even worse than most african presidents. dang. says a lot about the americans who chose him. Good thing you guys have laws and abide to them so lets hope he gets impeached. like nah BY MWAURA,  this is a circus. 🤡the world is ending sooner than most thought  ugh
  • Watching this in December is trippy
  • Please keep this dolt in your own country: we don't want him visiting here! There may even be a civil war here to stop him coming😜
  • 9:33-9:46 Wasn't that from the movie 'Gold'?
  • 2:50-3:25 Well played
  • All things considered, a coke button isnt as bad as you think
  • LMFAO!!!
  • You know for once I agree with the president. NO ONE questions why the civil war happened.
  • Fun fact: the "coke button" was a skit from the animated Monsters VS Aliens, where the President had a red button for ordering a coke. That President was voiced by...Stephen Colbert.
  • sounds like a bigot to me.
  • Trump does not know how to respect the leader and country of Japan in his actions and comments are disrespectful. He constantly shows ignorance of other cultures while the leader of Japan went to great lengths to show him respect and make him feel comfortable.What a disappointment, he constantly goes off script and shows his ignorance.
  • Lmao
  • Fake President!
  • Grant was in Vicksburg at the time : -)
  • He is crazy funny!!
  • As an American I have no respect for this country anymore. It is a land of fools or a Russian play ground take your pick.
  • the dramatic exit while staying in the same room bit lmaooo

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