Trump Won't Let Chief of Staff Veto His Tweets, Optimal Oreo Dunk Time - Monologue

Trump Won't Let Chief of Staff Veto His Tweets, Optimal Oreo Dunk Time - Monologue
Trump Won't Let Chief of Staff Veto His Tweets, Optimal Oreo Dunk Time - Monologue
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  • I always watch this guy, this one he, stumbled & couldn't recover, however his monologue is truly always funny.
  • Mmm, now I want some of _Guy Fieddi's_ signature jalapeno flaming rav-aye-oli.
  • 2:21 nope it's a minute.(I LIKE MINE SOGY OK!)
  • Who eats Oreos anymore now that Hydrox are back???? Mmm....Hydrox..../drool
  • Seth Meyers
  • Seth Meyers' Trump voice sounds like an overweight Batman
  • how did it feel to be trevor noah for a day?
  • he's such a fuckin cutie pie I could eat him up!!!
  • I like Seth, but let's be honest, when the funniest thing about your skit is that you mispronounced 'ravioli', your show just isn't that funny.
  • Excellent comeback xD
  • Guy Fieddie
  • I think maybe the Oreo one would have landed a bit better with graphic of a guy crying while dunking an Oreo in milk. But it did seem oddly forced.
  • Hey Seth, guess what? Ravioli.
  • I feel like Seth is genuinely charming in a way Fallon could only dream of
  • I'll never read a label of chef boyardee the again...rav-I-oli
  • I love how Seth is so genuine ! Take notes Fallon
  • Oreo changed their packaging a few years ago and must have changed the recipe as well because now they have to be dunked way longer to absorb any milk. Boo.
  • God damn I love Seth
  • #trumpforviews
  • it does work - too well. Stick with it Seth. ( about the Oreos).
  • Hardest part of there job I think is keeping a straight face
  • no Donald don't do it you're crazy 🤣
  • Seth Myers looks like a brick
  • Anyone else thinks that Seth has an adorable giggle? Way too adorable for his age
  • Seth is a great Human. ..!
  • Something like 40 seconds in and that image of Trump & Pence is missing the slogan "I'm with Stupid".
  • Disliking this video is probably the equivalent of eating children.
  • All of a sudden I remembered that this host is actually human at the end...
  • Omg, Seth's laugh is freaking adorable! It's contagious even!! Lol
  • Seth was that asshole jock in school that always joked on the special ed kids and fat shaming everyone while 'his people' laughed
  • Man, is it me, or does Steven Miller at 0:56 *literally* look like a dick someone painted a face on? maybe I'm just high.... totally looks like a dick though, the more I look at him, the more it's making me laugh hahahahaha.
  • He is seriously so adorable!
  • Of course no one should have a veto over his tweets, but he should listen to good advice.
  • I liked the Oreo joke!
  • I didn't get the oreo joke.
  • Seth is so much better than Fallon.
  • The Swedish Hebrew teacher who likes pasta, Rabbi Oli!
  • Always fun when the announcer participates in the laughter. :-D
  • Love how Seth embraces the mistakes. Makes him seem more genuine!
  • GOP is totally insane
  • Anyone did a hard eye roll at the Oreo joke? "You have to dunk it within three seconds" Are you fucking kidding me? Can advertisement grow any more obvious and ridiculous?
  • Jimmy Fallon levels of breaking here
  • Absolutely love it when Seth gets all giggly!
  • Watching Seth lose it was great!
  • Cry Baby Seth- North Korea is knocking on our door with Nukes and you're still making PRESIDENT TRUMP jokes. Boy you really are upset that your mommy didn't get to see a woman president, especially since they have the SAME name. You're so damn lame and your crying and whining after Hitlary lost was priceless.
  • I think this is my favourite now. I love how he can make fun of himself in recovering from a bad joke. Well done, sir!
  • You just know what when Trump gets impeached, he will be bragging about how fast he got impeached, faster than any president in US history. #NixonCanSuckIt
  • How can America truly be a democracy if the popular vote doesn't work?
  • Haha, he's so clever. I've never heard of his Trump jokes. 🙄
  • people actually dunk oreos? Why? It adds nothing to it.

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