Kate McKinnon's DIY Disaster

Kate McKinnon's DIY Disaster
Kate McKinnon's DIY Disaster
A simple home improvement project ended up almost killing the Ghostbusters star's cat. » Subscribe to Late Night: http://bit.ly/LateNightSeth » Get more Late Night with Seth Meyers: http://www.nbc.com/late-night-with-seth-meyers/ » Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers Weeknights 12:35/11:35c on NBC. LATE NIGHT ON SOCIAL Follow Late Night on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LateNightSeth Like Late Night on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LateNightSeth Find Late Night on Tumblr: http://latenightseth.tumblr.com/ Connect with Late Night on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+LateNightSeth/videos Late Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube features A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy, and topical monologue jokes. NBC ON SOCIAL Like NBC: http://Facebook.com/NBC Follow NBC: http://Twitter.com/NBC NBC Tumblr: http://NBCtv.tumblr.com/ NBC Pinterest: http://Pinterest.com/NBCtv/ NBC Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NBC YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/nbc NBC Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbctv Kate McKinnon's DIY Disaster- Late Night with Seth Meyers https://youtu.be/okV2xQtjXSM Late Night with Seth Meyers http://www.youtube.com/user/latenightseth



  • "Saved his life. They don't know." LOL I'm a straight woman and I'd go to bed with Kate. She's everything.
  • Please please please somebody needs to give Kate McKinnon her own show!!!!
  • I just love Kate, she can play any roll male or female but my favorite is sessions she has that skit down evern the talk. so funny. I just love Kate.
  • i love that she knows him and speaks to him with love and comfort.
  • No one has more perfectly conveyed a cats reaction to being bathed.
  • ohhh my god those dimples though!!!
  • The cat looks like Adam Driver
  • When that guy laughed extra loud and she gave a thumbs up
  • I'm in love with her,she is hilarious!
  • Seth needs to stop interrupting the goddess
  • ok so she loves hardware stores and doing stuff like that herself and she has a cat she adores.... how do people still think she's straight???
  • I feel like this audience was very slow. Kate's jokes were brilliant
  • Kate McKinnon #1... much success!!! give us all you have... please we need it!!
  • When she was talking about going to the hardware store, my family has a joke that the only kind of woman that go to Home Depot is the gay ones
  • Her expression at 1:54 lmao
  • 3:42 omg, her imitation of her ungrateful cat. someone call 911, I'm dying over here!
  • Of course a lesbian is gonna love the hardware store
  • Kate you useless lesbian
  • I could marry this female.
  • I would turn this broad straight real fast...
  • She seems pretty hot for a lesbian
  • oh god why is she gay
  • Seth is such a Panzy Ass
  • Loves tools and wood sanders... I wonder why lesbians are the same all around the world lol
  • kate is so hot ! Why does she have to play for the other team ????? x)
  • Can someone please explain the "never touched a piece of wood in his life" joke? Non-native speaker here.
  • Holy cow, I have always liked Kate McKinnon, but now I love her. There's something about that rapport she has with Seth that just makes fireworks go off in my brain.
  • I thought she said "I became irregular at a hardware store." That'd be a little awkward.
  • She reminds me of Madelyn Kahn when she does the "Euro" accent ...
  • 50 Voices of McKinnon
  • Someone please explain the et joke
  • gay
  • I can't believe some people think she's straight.
  • McKinnon never fails to leave me howling; woman's on another level! Just fantastic :) xD
  • To anyone who says women can't be funny, I raise you... the women of SNL.
  • I love her, but she overhumorise, I feel she is not herself, too artificial.
  • 😂😂😂😂 they don't know they r not thankful 😂😂😂
  • Same thing happened with my cat! She barely makes any sound but I had to bathe her and it sounded like a demon was coming out of her.
  • I used to work at Sherwin-Williams.... nothing makes me giggle more than a person (man or woman) coming in and going 'i have this piece of furniture is want to refinish'.....it very rarely goes smoothly. when it does, it looks great....but most times, it's an example of seeing something in a magazine that was made to look way easier than it is and biting off more than the person can chew.
  • She's so fucking hot
  • I think I'm in love with Kate McKinnon. Scratch that, I am positive that I'm completely smitten with this woman.
  • Love them both...mmmwah!!
  • Every sentence was pure gold. Love it!
  • I love interviews like this because they feel like a conversation amongst friends. With an audience, that is.
  • That moment she said that she missed him...he looses it..."i...do...eh..." 0:12
  • I think she lesbian
  • I imagine Meyers always giggles when he has an interaction with McKinnon that he didn't have the chance to rehearse!

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