Betsy DeVos Gets Grilled: The Daily Show

Betsy DeVos Gets Grilled: The Daily Show
Betsy DeVos Gets Grilled: The Daily Show
Betsy DeVos faces a tough crowd at her Senate confirmation hearing for education secretary. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • She's the first nominee in history to require a Vice-Presidential tie break to into the Cabinet. All of Trump's nominees that got a vote got in. Before anyone says, "Both sides are the same," I'd like to see some examples of Democratic cabinet secretaries who were as unqualified as Betsy DeVos, Ben Carson or Rick Perry.
  • i am not an american and do not live in America, but it seems to me that the Trump administration is filled with people who are just so very incompetent. i mean just so very very ignorant and dubious in every way. i would never understand why people knowingly vote for such a person like Trump to be elected into the highest position of power their country had to offer?!?!? WHY... I MEAN, JUST, WHY???
  • She was right about the grizzly bear a school was put on lockdown 2 months after she said this
  • I'd say I was disappointed but in order for that to be true I'd have to be surprised.
  • A year later: it's so, so much worse.
  • Al why did you have to be a creep
  • Franken is a clown. DeVos is ignorant.
  • We need to collectively stop voting for candidates that support special interests.
  • I miss Al Franken.
  • As a student myself I could do her job without even graduating high school. guns in schools No! growth is more important than proficiency and grizzly bears are smarter than that lady. God bless her cause she needs Jesus!! im disappointed that i and most students themselves do even have a say in OUR education. we diserve to graduate with the gurantee that we were given every possible oppurtinuty for success. And if we dont have the right tools your country is gonna be left in the hands of telephone operators. again. telephone operators.
  • itsy bitsy spider woman
  • "We called the school and a bear answered the phone" - hahahahahah - Trevorrrrrrrr :)
  • another lying stealing right wing fanatic
  • I’m a teacher at a public school. That last sentence is just brilliantly said! In fact, the school often add pressure to the teachers to pass students who don’t reach proficiency at all! And that’s how we get high school students who can’t read, or do elementary school level math.
  • Why are the vast majority of rich people so fucking evil? Shit, if anyone should be mean and evil and trying to find ways of hording or siphoning money into their own pockets it should be us normal people who actually have to work. Being a goddamned billionaire you seriously do not need all that money, I'm not at all saying they don't deserve it and should have it taken, but they definitely could do some good with it by going and helping out disadvantaged places and especially help during natural disasters. Instead they just keep getting more and more and more money, mostly stealing from the poor. Fucked up world.
  • she needs to try African politics
  • lol
  • this is why we have to get rid of the republicans they pushed her thru and yet they knew she was not qualified
  • Love you trevor!!..You are amaZingg!!
  • How is she still going to get confirmation 😐
  • White rich people are stupid lol
  • She is garbage
  • Trump is the worst.
  • Is it cool to make fun of Amish people?
  • she wouldn't pass a turing test
  • Yeah the US Eva Braun with 100 years old.God Job Donald God Job,well done.
  • If you love Trevor Noah like this comment
  • Can the amis get stupieder with betsy let us sea till next year, now we can say beatsy has done it usa is the stupiest land on the planet earth, and now all amis get a big holiday for it!!!
  • This video was uploaded in the future! 😲
  • Betsy DeVos doesn't know what the hell she is doing!!! She is the daughter of Eirk Prince
  • Potential grizzlies
  • a gun in a school to fight off bears in wyoming. what. doesn't she know she's on camera?
  • Just like her boss winning, she knew it’s all fixed, call it democracy 🤦🏻‍♂️😡 man even bushes were shocked 😮 who is letting them win n how?
  • our public school system is screwed.
  • Bear spray ?? is that even a thing killed it Trevor
  • this bitch needs to be thrown on the street where she can learn to be a crack head where she belongs
  • crunchy thing in a nugget lmao
  • What is she doing now? He Betsy I mean
  • No wonder why America majority of people are the dumbest and stupid country in the world. And the numbers are on the risen eheheh
  • Bernie burn em down Sanders
  • Although I am from the hood, and grew up ultra broke, I am so grateful to have become highly educated! Literally and figuratively. If I was to become broke again, no one can ever take that away from me.
  • betsy de vos looks like a man in drag-gollyt that chica is double ugly!
  • America is fast becoming an oligarchy...
  • I was driving with this playing in the background, I almost died because I face palmed so many times.
  • Trevor, my dear Trevor... I understand you were new to this back then. But one can't simply advocate for putting bears in schools on the internet. :-)
  • What does she mean she “supports accountability”? She’s not being asked about random things she supports, she’s not being asked if she supports accountability in general, just like the word and definition itself. Answer the fucking question, moron! You’re there to give your stance on specific things regarding education to see if you’d be a qualified cabinet member, not to say you support or agree with certain random & specific words. Omg, it’s still unbelievable that these are the people running the country. It’s like if someone asked someone else if they support LGBT rights, and they answered that they support ‘rights’, like.. what??? And then you just keep repeating the same answer? What are you, 5 years old??
  • Aka Fuck em
  • 3:45 had me like "dayum man, you dish out that shade." 😂

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