Betsy DeVos Gets Grilled: The Daily Show

Betsy DeVos Gets Grilled: The Daily Show
Betsy DeVos Gets Grilled: The Daily Show
Betsy DeVos faces a tough crowd at her Senate confirmation hearing for education secretary. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Message!
  • ESPN 30 For 30: What if I told you, that you didn’t need an education to be Secretary of Education.
  • Lol...$250 million from her donation(investment) to republican party can't go wrong with her confirmation. And at the end of a day she will double or even triple that amount of money and same goes for Trump.
  • She has an agenda. The republican "mob", needs Americans to be as dumb as possible. Republicans do well with the ignorat, racist, and disinformed. Not to mention she's the wife of Eric Prince. Founder of "black water"! Black water is doing the same thing to the military Betsy is doing to schools. They're taking "tax payer" to fund a private military. they're already doing it, because it's the easiest way to steal tax dollars, while at the same time funding the new "confederates"!
  • Did someone forgot to get a hug from Mommy and Daddy give me forget your knowledge you poor little baby crying like a little different your court thing as a child everything's going to be just fine you see stop being a whiny stop trying to act like you when you're not
  • You remind me of an infant when someone is arguing with that baby that's what you are and we should not come to you by disagreeing with you but we're going to ask you to prove your point and especially about how cops or anything else that's going on in this country against black people you need to explain
  • How much you prove that Tommy let's go back to when we were slaves approved that there was no slaves that built this country I prove that in the South there was no racism in present proof anything that you say to All America
  • Betsy is one of the core reasons for a very rude awakening in the mid Terms.
  • Good Lord, I miss Bernie. And, as always, I love you, Trevor.
  • At 3:00, Al Franken showed why he was more worthy of staying in the Senate than Devos was at the Sec. of Education position.
  • Blond hair, blue eyes, very arish! Heil Hitler!
  • IsupportaccountabilityIsupportaccountabilityIsupportaccountabilityIsupportaccountabilityIsupportaccountabilityIsupportaccountabilityIsupportaccountabilityIsupportaccountability
  • Berrrniieeee!!!
  • 3:01. Awe. Franken.
  • I forgot how stupid Betsy Devos is.😂
  • go to your room, why go to your room, why go to your room, why lol
  • I honestly feel even Donald Trump would be better as secretary of education. Let THAT sink in.
  • Wait a moment.... ¿she just made the suggestion of kill that bear? F### her!
  • Well in Japan every school have a bear attacks,I can't help to laugh loud,Because Japanese police always having fight a bear inside the school ,
  • Bernie I still miss you boo
  • The SWAMP is filling up with all those Excellent Trump TEAM members who are being FIRED as TRUMP goes hunting for more.
  • Me taking a math test and just guessing answers 4:22
  • Bernieee!
  • Currently absent students whom meet standards within the state mandated resources are treated with the same problem with their students who attend all classes in a standardized year and without students curriculum standard they’re able for a teacher and prep more curriculum for twice as much
  • A plea to learn from the past - How Trump compares to Hitler (and not) See also John le Carré’s warning about a possible new rise of fascism in the United States and elsewhere: Just a few examples of the creeping fascism in the United States of America: And the rest of the world: Furthermore, Donald Trump’s behaviour begs the question whether Trump has neurosyphilis because (1) he displays several of the symptoms and (2) he will not release his medical records. A medical doctor recently told me that that is a distinc possibility to explain Trump's erratic and selfish behaviour. See also: A medical theory for Donald Trump’s bizarre behavior And: "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump." A new book delves into the president’s mental health. P.S.: His recent ‘clean’ bill of health has no bearing on this topic because he was not specifically tested for
  • Holy hell we’re screwed
  • Her brother is Erik Prince whom met with Putin folks in Seyshalles. These are Russian back channel. He says it was (nothin'). Corruption runs deep with the adulterant Orange Puppet.
  • America, WTF is going on??!!?
  • i bet she was thinking about niggley bears that ho
  • AT 0:20 - Is this funny...? Is this what makes people laugh....? Really?
  • I am an Amish and so offended.
  • Pro tip: If you're ever having a hard time motivating yourself to write a paper, watch this video/the actual hearing and let the hatred and spite for Betsy DeVos fuel you all the way to your degree *side note: if said paper is on DeVos and/or her job it might have the opposite effect bc you will want to scream and cry and strangle someone (probably the the woman herself)
  • Welp, if the wealthy democrat establishment didnt sabotage Bernies campaign to push Hillary maybe you wouldnt have this situation now. Sanders could have attracted a lot of Trumps base, also he was an idealist looking to make changes instead if a corporate sponsored opportunist that doesn't stand for anything.
  • Bernie! Hahaha
  • Russians have the right to arm bears.
  • Please bring back Al Franken.
  • She's the first nominee in history to require a Vice-Presidential tie break to into the Cabinet. All of Trump's nominees that got a vote got in. Before anyone says, "Both sides are the same," I'd like to see some examples of Democratic cabinet secretaries who were as unqualified as Betsy DeVos, Ben Carson or Rick Perry.
  • i am not an american and do not live in America, but it seems to me that the Trump administration is filled with people who are just so very incompetent. i mean just so very very ignorant and dubious in every way. i would never understand why people knowingly vote for such a person like Trump to be elected into the highest position of power their country had to offer?!?!? WHY... I MEAN, JUST, WHY???
  • She was right about the grizzly bear a school was put on lockdown 2 months after she said this
  • I'd say I was disappointed but in order for that to be true I'd have to be surprised.
  • A year later: it's so, so much worse.
  • Al why did you have to be a creep
  • We need to collectively stop voting for candidates that support special interests.
  • I miss Al Franken.
  • As a student myself I could do her job without even graduating high school. guns in schools No! growth is more important than proficiency and grizzly bears are smarter than that lady. God bless her cause she needs Jesus!! im disappointed that i and most students themselves do even have a say in OUR education. we diserve to graduate with the gurantee that we were given every possible oppurtinuty for success. And if we dont have the right tools your country is gonna be left in the hands of telephone operators. again. telephone operators.
  • itsy bitsy spider woman
  • "We called the school and a bear answered the phone" - hahahahahah - Trevorrrrrrrr :)
  • another lying stealing right wing fanatic

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