Betsy DeVos Gets Grilled: The Daily Show

Betsy DeVos Gets Grilled: The Daily Show
Betsy DeVos Gets Grilled: The Daily Show
Betsy DeVos faces a tough crowd at her Senate confirmation hearing for education secretary. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • No sir Davos jokes?
  • Bernie! Why didn't we listen you?
  • Schools should have at least one armed police officer.
  • You american are realy i mean realy fucked with these people to be in control. So so sad such a potential to become second after india.
  • What a dumb ass. Does she even understand words?
  • If She was qualified she would have answered the proficiency or growth question like this it is hard to punish a school who has taught a student who is well below grade level more than a Year's worth but it's still not managed to get them up to grade level oh, it is also hard to punish your school that has not been able to teach a student very much because they are well above grade level. If a compromise was reached like growth plus or minus the amount above or below grade level they are or proficiency X growth I think that would be best.
  • I do cold calls for a health department survey. Getting some people to understand/answer a yes/no answer can be maddening.
  • You tell her Bernie, set that ass on fire.
  • Children are running America. ;-;
  • Trevors so adorable
  • She doesn’t know shit but can’t get too mad because Trevor made me laugh 😆 like crazy 😜. Go Trevor!
  • My god how dumb is this woman?
  • "don't point the cursor in my face" hehe... stuck it up his nose...
  • we had a minister of education in germany, her diploma was actually fake!
  • And in India we complain about smriti Irani...
  • Is it true that DE VO may be BLOCKED from the nomination in Jan 2018. Wouldn't that be a blessing?
  • Change the education minister
  • Dear America. I am from Holland. Betsy is the name you'd give a cow. De Vos means the fox. I would not trust her if I were you. But your whole country is fucked already anyway, so on the other hand worse then this it can hardly get.
  • Al Franken just fuck slammed Betsy Devos into Oblivion!
  • Lol we fucked
  • What a corrupt moron. Can't believe she's in office. Just points to how corrupt government is and how one can buy their way in. REPLY
  • Trump was correct when he said he has "the most dedicated people". They are dedicated in pushing his agenda of tearing down the government from the inside out. He placed people in position that are totally against the agency they are now in charge of.
  • The head scratch at 4:26 is hilarious
  • Betsy....third grade level.
  • This one should've been called profiles in tremendousness: senators with massive balls
  • Don is hilarious!
  • Oh USA. Why are you such a shitshow. I mean, we got these idiots all over the world of course, you're nothing special, it's just that the USA has this uncanny ability to give the biggest idiots the most power.
  • Trumps cabinet. Bunch of wealthy trump friends. What did u expect? Of course redneck America and hard core Christians are ok with this. Very stupid!!
  • God. She is definitely a current classmate in Trump Daycare. "Well, I'm not that surprised... " Dang Al Franken, you are badass.
  • How'd You Know Bout My Mouse? O.O
  • How, ... just 'how' was that incompetent and deceitful cunt confirmed to office as Secretary of Education? ???
  • i had the same reaction to bernie right before trevor yelled his name. BERNIE!!!!
  • Trump wants to dumb down the population even more so the republikkkans have a chance at staying in power. Trump voters are the dumbest ppl on the planet!
  • That was absolutely perfect!!
  • Daily show
  • Ai tog. De Vos word nou n dewos...XD lol
  • What a poor excuse for a person walking around with a brain who fails to use it. "Besty, Besty where is thou brain?"
  • But Betsy what about terrorist bears.
  • Al Franken needs to run for President, if America still exists, in 2020.
  • this is hilarious lolol..
  • wow...she´s has NO Clue! why is she even there??
  • The worst of the education system and the worst of the political system as well.
  • Al franken is a god damn treasure. A fucking comedian turned senator.
  • BETSY should do stand up comedy.. LOL
  • she stutters more than Jimmy valmer
  • the security guard and visiting cops should have guns. he is too stupid to ask decent questions. but that is funny right? how stupid the lib mouthpiece is, sad losers
  • Equal accountability is a vague question, different schools have different average test scores and therefore will have different standards for competency and growth.Devos is not the one who is stupid here. the ex SNL punk and this Trevor punk are Deal with it losers.
  • Schools have a right to “bear” arms lmfaoooo
  • Libtards and elites are in a frenzy.. hillarious. All the liberals want is more money to be thrown at a problem. Parents have voted, and they want a choice. I worked for years in education, and what this country has done to its educational system of the past several years is horrific. It's a shame people want to put their own uneducated view of the system and their hatred for the parents and children of the country and their unsatisfaction that they LOST THE ELECTION first before our children's future...
  • So funny I was in tears ❤️ Good thing or I'd be in tears 😭 Lawd all one has to do is walk up to a republican with a blank check and pick their seat! Wtf?

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