Profiles in Tremendousness - Senior Adviser Stephen Miller: The Daily Show

Profiles in Tremendousness - Senior Adviser Stephen Miller: The Daily Show
Profiles in Tremendousness - Senior Adviser Stephen Miller: The Daily Show
White House senior adviser Stephen Miller defends President Trump's false claims of voter fraud in a series of irate TV news appearances. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • For a self-entitled manly man Trump sure likes having his butthole licked and his dick sucked by his male subordinates...
  • How does he talk so well with trump's dick in his mouth. Neat trick.
  • He kind of reminds me of a burnt lightbulb.
  • What a rotten show.
  • Donald Trump has AIDS
  • Normal people have four heads , Stephen Miller has eight.
  • any time;any place; any where.Line taken from "Patton. Thing is Patton was respected and a non liar!!!!!!
  • DA Republicans are trying to end the Muller's Russia Investigation. Tell the House Rules Committee not to undermine the rules of law! Call today (844) 241 - 1141
  • Tremendously...horrendous...believe....beeelieve me...I can tell you that.
  • My forehead will not be questioned!
  • i mean this is weak compared to jon and I'lm sad but alright it works.
  • President Datrh Vader and the Dark Force.
  • When will they stop with the Canned Laughs?
  • Is it a coincidence that Miller looks like he was born to be a crony?
  • Trump is running a racist govt
  • ...another wet behind the ears 30 something! KNOWS Nothing!
  • My uncle is 35 and looks 10 years younger than Stephen. It's confirmed , Donald ducks the youth right out of you
  • stephen miller is going down with the ship.
  • "Professional Politics" is something that needs to be declared illegal and those in it serve time in prison.
  • how does the roach motel work ?
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • He is not, like the propaganda minister under Hitler, because he is not screaming like him but, he is idiotic and dangerous full of lies and just a perfect scum.
  • he was 31 10 years ago
  • This Miller guy... he has dead eyes. His voice can be assertive, firm or whatever, at cost of long hours training to speak in public, but there's NOTHING on his eyes. Zero light, emotion, meaning. Brr.
  • Miller is almost a caricature of an evil minion.
  • He has the cold eyes of a serial killer and his head has the roundness of a bowling ball.
  • I love the Trump haters, they are still so asshurt that they STILL can't even understand how Trump was elected President...every hater comment makes me that much more sure Trump will win again LMAO GO TRUMP
  • Profiles in mean, vicious and destroying America.
  • Miller will be the next Jerk to go. Goes over to Breitbart and say's " Seig Heil, guess who's back again!" Bye bye loser!
  • "I have the best people" ha ha ha Miller is an idiot, he is what Trump likes to hear - No evidence and outrageous nonsense
  • Miller is Gay, ask Sessions and Bannon
  • We LOVE Trevor as much as we HATE trump and miller.
  • The president will not be questioned?? This statement does not belong in a democratic country. And Trump likes this idiot miller guy? I really feel sorry for the American public. Really I am. And Trevor has found a new favorite toy to play with!!! Good for him. I sense he is getting sad because he is bored with the old toy (Trump) and his recent toy (the smooch) had disappeared.
  • Trump is great
  • Stephen Miller the scum of all scum worse than David Duke . Worse than Bannon . Even has less morals than Hitter . Why he's a Jewish Nazi Miller grew up in a liberal-leaning Jewish family in Santa Monica, California.[7] He is the second of three children born to Michael D. Miller, a real estate investor, and Miriam (Glosser) Miller. On his mother's side
  • Man!!! That fast balding bitch is funny as fuck!!
  • should give a drug test. He often seem high.
  • That guy is a smarmy turd...blends right in ...
  • This show is a joke. Everyday it's the same thing, at least Stuart had variety.
  • He's high.
  • shouldn't they do a kelly anne conway profile in tremendousness
  • Miller is awesome
  • At least he is an honest lifelong assfuck.
  • Steven Miller looks like one of those guys that likes to do cocaine and get fucked in the ass and does trump
  • Here we are on 7'24/17 and trump has only got worse, he is as despicable as this little Hitler wannabe. This kid is as dangerous for our country as trump is!!
  • Blink blink blink
  • And now everyone thinks he's a girl.. xD
  • Mao Tse Tung - "Question Authority". Stephen Miller - (apparently a self-loathing Jew) - " His authority will not be questioned" ".
  • History buffs....................... Does Steve Miller look like Goebbels???

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