"The O'Reilly Factor" Gets Racist in Chinatown: The Daily Show

"The O'Reilly Factor" Gets Racist in Chinatown: The Daily Show
"The O'Reilly Factor" Gets Racist in Chinatown: The Daily Show
Ronny Chieng unpacks an "O'Reilly Factor" segment in which correspondent Jesse Watters mocks Chinese Americans in New York City's Chinatown. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required: http://www.cc.com/shows/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah/full-episodes The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • That last guy should be given a medal
  • No...it's the year of the GO FUCK YOURSELF
  • So glad that peice of shit is off the air! You go Ronny!
  • When a comedy show is more politically correct than a news channel
  • Somebody tell this chink to chill out...they were probably just asking Chinese people their opinions on Drumpf
  • those clips were physically painful to watch
  • orielly factor and his faggot ass reporter is so racist.. fuck those bitches
  • You rarely see Asian Americans on shows like this; really cool to see.
  • “How was that on tv?” Ronnie, simple. Fox News has a television channel. That’s, uh, about it.
  • This is so fucking hilarious I cried
  • Video is 1 year old today. Uploaded on the 07.10.2016 and today is 07.10.2017 :-D
  • Wow so funny, you throw an elderly woman in front of a camera and humiliate her as part of your weak punchline.
  • Fucking bully
  • snowflakes
  • spot on
  • You should not be in America if you can't fucking speak English you idiot.
  • "Year of Go F-k Yourself" I am late, but 2017
  • "Yeah, that douchebag piece of s**t." 😂
  • Don't you just love the cherry picked footage?
  • This would be like if they interviewed Arabs and added ISIS propaganda music in the background with Allah huakbar playing in the back. This is a new low for Fox
  • I love how in America, they refer to east Asians as the 'Model Minority' so they think they can walk all over them and belittle them...then Ronny comes storming in, pissed off, basically roasting the shit out of everyone every time he comes on air.
  • Give that last guy a job
  • Righteous Contempt for the mother fucking win!!!!!
  • Fuck you oriely and all trump lovers ya mofos
  • I somehow think that this is very offensive....but.....The fox guys are very polite and interested and they do, in theor own weird dimension, their best to make an interesting piece.
  • Bless you, Ronny Chieng.
  • Trump killed you guys on the street interviews ,I'll give you a few laughs on it ,but I give Trump the win.
  • I only watch Fox for Bobs Burgers and New Girl, lol 😂
  • This was great
  • THOROUGHLY FUCK FOX FOR THIS HORSESHIT!!!! And I'm white. But for real, die slow Fox.
  • Fuck Fox news
  • Come one Chinese people, speak English......because the constitution is in English not in Chinese. I am Chinese myself.
  • This video is hilarious
  • "No it's actually the year of go fck yourself! Where tf did this come from?!"
  • I fucking love this and the last guy... man oh man
  • This isn't comedy ,this is just whining, when did being american entitle you to be a total bitching whining ignorant ass of a person. It used to be normal conversation now it's that's racist! What the hell happened to this country. Honestly I'm proud to be an American ,yes my ancestors killed millions of savages that killed thousands of us oh well ,we had guns they didn't ,we won. Yes rich white people had slaves guess what? They still do but we don't call it slavery we call it fast food. You fucking ignorant libtards think the world is given to you. Fucking idocracy came to life. Wtf!!!
  • unbelievable O_O
  • I see why Trump loves Fox News
  • "I'm from Queens" 😂 😂 😂
  • Trump: Jina! O'relliy: Chaaaaina Do racist people say 'China' weirdly??,!!!!!!! And also it is actually the year of the 'go f*ck yourself' lololo
  • Fox news and racism go hand in hand.
  • lmao
  • #yellowforofficenotorange
  • Please give this man a show, please please please, #ifwe'resosmartwhynotelectoneofusforpresident
  • What are the chances of all this being fake?
  • fuck fox news
  • Fox News should be ashamed of their reporting.
  • chinese talking about voting . I pitty on them. There is only one party in china that they can vote for and they talk about democracy
  • Fuck off Fox news! You are a fucking idiot!

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