Trump's Unfounded Accusations of Wiretapping: The Daily Show

Trump's Unfounded Accusations of Wiretapping: The Daily Show
Trump's Unfounded Accusations of Wiretapping: The Daily Show
Without providing any evidence to support his claim, President Trump takes to Twitter to accuse former President Obama of wiretapping him in the run-up to the 2016 election. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • And then trump was right.....when are u people ever gona learn
  • the fbi and cia should just hire fox news to record briefings for them
  • New era we live in. Social media our daily newspaper .Daily show really goes to school not just to hang out 👌
  • I wonder if they actually called The New York Times and said that lmfao XD
  • Yea, what a ridiculous claim...
  • Oh wow looks like trump was right.
  • They hate Trump because he is exposing all these elite creeps in the media, government and Hollywood.
  • Trump had the last laugh here. Trevor Noah gets owned haha.
  • This didnt age well...
  • What do you got to say now Trevor, you dumb F*ck.
  • Eating their words in this skit now that it was indeed determined that the U.S. government wiretapped the phone calls of Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort before and after the 2016 presidential election
  • too bad what actually happened was 2 investigations wasting tax payer money to decide they agree with you.
  • I don't get it. What is all the hoopla about?
  • Trevor is amazing. I'm always having such good laughs watching this show :D It might help that i live in Europe far away from Trump.
  • Trevor nails it again!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mm
  • Is kellyanne conway an idiot? Even if she completely knows that trump is lying she will still try to save his ass at the cost of her own...even if it makes her look dumber.
  • I think Bush is plain stupid and Trump is plain crazy. Why is it that 200 million people can't find a "normal" person to be president?
  • Since Trump is hiring jackasses like scaramucci & making up jobs in the house.. he needs to hire me to fill the "NITW Consultant" position P.S "Niggas In The White house Consultant" Gotta have a speaker for the people 😎, maybe the job will pop up on🤔...
  • Funny how this still applies now. 7/26/2017
  • Why would he hang up on his daughter?
  • No noah not p for pussy ..... extra p is for a better golden shower.
  • It’s heck’a confusing that Trump acts as your over the top garden variety conspiracy theorist and is in the position to look in to the conspiracy stuff.
  • Briet-Fart News Strikes again!! Crack-Head Commander and Grief!! Lol
  • were those tabs real, oh sorry tapps*
  • You are a very stupid man and should be deported
  • That phone call from tiffany nearly made me fall off my chair
  • Ppass
  • "prz trump making accusations widout providing proof"... what, were u sleeping when he started 2 do dis???!!!
  • Tap dat ass
  • his spokeperson cant speak for him.
  • How are u not sued yet 😂 I love this
  • No we didn't tap his phone. He did it himself.
  • How many of you correctly predicted the accusations were bullshit from the beginning.
  • Oh sh********************************t
  • When he goes crazy he tapps dat asss
  • The President just want us to know that senility sometimes comes at early age.
  • he likes any kind attention hes a sick sick selfish mental narcacistic dick who doent know what it takes let alone the class to b pres according to fake news lol hes now hovering at 40 percent dissaprove him now worst in history he lies hurts hes racist n brings n 2 morins lol i mean family members to b his assistants assistants to ehat helping him whioe his ass while obama listens hes disgusting
  • Hello there ppeople
  • is it me or does the reporter at 3:00 mark look like he would be Trumps brother lmao
  • the tin foil joke was too much for me to handle, shouldn't be watching this during class, almost died.
  • You wanna hear a Ben Carson joke? Actually you wont be able to hear a dam thing Just look in the mirror at him an he is the joke! This guy calls himself a doctor? This guy could'nt treat a pregnant house cat! Any one that makes a stupied about slaves being immigrants has got to be a Class1 idiot m
  • you shoulda played the ISIS call too in the tapped part
  • Pure entertainment watching dumber than dirt crybaby libtards proving how totally stupid and gullible they are. I'm going to laugh like hell when racist liar Susan Rice is cuffed & perp walked.
  • I hoppe he doesn't screws Jappan and the allies
  • i start to think that USA is no better than Russia... And american citizens who criticized Putin now have Trump who is worse than first one. At least, Putin has like 16 years of experience )))) usa always thought that they had all rights to teach humanity democracy lessons. but somehow they didn't manage to teach their own citizens how to choose proper president. Everything is gonna be worse than now. Just let's wait and see.
  • Is this unfunny shit going to walk back his statements after it was revealed that the Obama administration WAS spying on Trump? or nah?
  • trump will back up anyone who sucks his dyed ginger ass 2 inch dick. hehe. serious, he well. try political tinder. oh wait, he's busy on twitter acting like a 4 yr old. stroking his (actually) 1 inch dick. sorry trump when i groped you got too much info
  • Steve Bannon is Breitbart's former executive producer. Weirdly coincidental? No. Can you talk about this relation sometime on your show? @thedailyshow

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