Thanks to Hurricane Harvey, the "Dealmaker President" Finally Makes a Deal: The Daily Show

Thanks to Hurricane Harvey, the "Dealmaker President" Finally Makes a Deal: The Daily Show
Thanks to Hurricane Harvey, the "Dealmaker President" Finally Makes a Deal: The Daily Show
In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, President Trump and congressional Democrats cut a deal on disaster relief funding and the U.S. debt limit. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • this presidency doesn't seem real, its as if we are living in a comedy/horror film and trump is president. i do hope that's true and there will be an end soon so we can go back to reality where there is no president trump.
  • trump held the government hostage tell he got his wall. that's stupid as hell
  • We gotta break with the tradition and just name the next hurricane "donald"!
  • You do realize that weather could be controlled..... do you
  • wait sodomy is illegal in some states ?
  • Welp I was in Irma SO YEAH
  • woah woah woAH WOAH WOAH! Shut down the country?
  • 4 hurricanes in one year? Damn, even the nature hate America.
  • Trump didn’t even remember the US Virgin Islands existed which went through hurricane Irma and Maria (both category 5)
  • What? We picked him. Or did we?
  • Trump is an 🍊 asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Trump is a fucking moron!!!!!!!!!! He doesn't know Puerto Rico is a U.S. state???!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like WTF dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💯
  • Unfortunately, watching the full episodes is not allowed to my country by the website.
  • why is it that i a Neutral Swiss want to punch some sense into the US gov. specially president Dumb... the more i hear or see about them doing shit. And if US reelect him, well that would be plain Stupid. PS. keep it going Noah keeeep it going.
  • 2:00😂😂😂
  • Karma
  • that's not funny, that about heaven and spaceships. ohoh i see Trevor Noah Stanbd Up. Hm maybe funny. i will stop that video (i have seen before)
  • I didn't find you funnier than Offspring Want you bad. Sorry sir or madam i'm not german, i'm Deutsch. I'm back of pissing the song will sound the next good moments, thanks god (is a broke human only a few left).
  • Haha!!! Conservative America asking the Federal government for relief is funny as shit.
  • The dislike ratio of a trevor noah video: 100% mark dice followers
  • 2016 The worst year EVER in my lifetime! First there's rigged election resulting in Trump and insane lying media and cheating, thieving DNC. They want more wars and trying to manufacture consent for them and a propaganda campaign of "divide and conquer" and neo-McCarthyism. Spring arrived a month early and Winter arrived a month late (good for where I live, not a good sign for visible rapid climate change!) Then hurricanes hit the South, then my house gets hit by tornado in Oct (rare even in summer here!) Then these wildfires, then I just had three deaths in my family in a matter of weeks! And now have a homeless sick relative b/c of one of the deaths! It's a lot to deal with. It's like Trump is causing heart attacks all over the place it seems b/c he surely is causing a lot of stress by dominating the news cycle with every Tweet and all his lies and the games they are playing. Now with the death of Net Neutrality I am seriously considering selling all tech and going back to living how I did before the Internet. Am glad I know how to do so! They are going to jack up the prices so high that only those who are middle class and up can afford it and information should be equal access for all in the US. WE paid for the Internet and they are handing control over to ISPs, who are likely owned by intelligence agencies. Not sure, but they seem to own Amazon, or at the very least, Bezos is giving purchasing lists to them in his $600million deal he has, so they can see what people are buying.
  • Isis should take blame for hurricane Dun ass REPUBLICANS they dum
  • Could someone explain the connection between a heat wave and anal sex, please? I didn´t get the joke.
  • So there weren't stronger hurricanes before we started recording them? How long have we been recording them? Hundred years maybe? Not a very long time considering how old the Earth is....Keep being sheep people or think for yourselves.
  • Hollywood already made a movie called Geo Thermal wich science was used to make clima change a weapon...Lol
  • I bet if Obama was doing this shit all u mofos would all be super critical of him. y r u Ppl allowing this mentally challenged person lead?! like wtf??? stupidity is no excuse now.
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍
  • Wildfires, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, mass shootings, the government threatens to shut down every few months, sounds like average America.
  • We need to save the earth so that we can save ourselves
  • that awkward moment when your brother's name is John Long & used to eat glue in the 3rd grade O.O
  • Decriminalize Sodomy? That's a thing? 0.o
  • Is trevor Noah Danish??
  • Nobody (well, almost nobody) denies that climate change is real, the debate is whether we are creating it or not. Back in 1500 we have documented hurricanes that at the time were the biggest ever seen, so the climate was changing back then too. Probably not due to the industrial pollution haha.
  • Trevor was... a man......... Favorite joke.
  • he agreed to this so they can push obma care out the next week . saying that its too much so in order to get money back get rid of obama care... im pretty sure many missed this cover up
  • Global Warming - NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center
  • Arrey !! He will go with who will provide money, no?
  • at least trump didn't say Oh My God we're all gonna die!!!!!!!!!
  • Climet change dose not cause hurricane's 🌀.. There natural.. They happen every year since we have started recording history..... Retards
  • hype and fear just bs
  • What are you talking about trump made deals even before this during his presidency like getting business to come back to us soil
  • Trump becoming President is clear proof of how stupid some Americans can be
  • Trump is making Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republicans look like idiots! Through their support of Trump they are showing American that they really have no loyalty to anything but their jobs.
  • YO DUDE?    How can You joke about these tragedies? Have You no sympathy?
  • we will never forget with all the war that happened we do not blame any government in this world we ask answer who pushed it .. to do it .. about human blood American soldiers killed in battle Iraq Iraq Palestinian Syria and the whole country .. and all humans who do not know why they are killed ... who controlled their old System to win this tyranny We waited .. Do not let us complain This to our god ends your destruction ..
  • Someone pushes the war and the people are burdened with debt and someone takes advantage of the blood .. this is what must be responsible .. All countries are fed up towards the right target Free All countries from debt No exception US Japan and all countries ... including our country in the beginning fake freedom feels heavy with the debt of Dutch East Indies, We will never forget what they did to President Sukarno and Jhon f keneedy. G30S death of half a million people in our country ..
  • I love him! He's pretty to look at n funny af (cuz what he says is true)
  • I thought that said Trumpical Depression.
  • Isis doesn't believe in climate change moron
  • Hurricanes are fake news.____.

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