Kevin Hart - Extended Interview: The Daily Show

Kevin Hart - Extended Interview: The Daily Show
Kevin Hart - Extended Interview: The Daily Show
"Ride Along 2" star Kevin Hart explains why he's a mitch (male bitch) and discusses performing in front of 53,000 people during his "What Now" comedy tour. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now: The Comedy Central app has full episodes of your favorite shows available now.


  • I just checked out your video, keep it up and stay blessed !!!
  • Either Trevor hated the the ties and was just trying to avoid the subject or he was about to burst out crying. Comment which you think?
  • Two of my favourite comedians. I've read both books. Looking for Kevin Hart when\if he ever comes to Bermuda.
  • Are still a mitch lol
  • Trevor yeah
  • wow Trevor is doing a great job on the daily show..kudos
  • SAKS
  • Kevin Hart for President
  • two of my fav comedians of the 21st century
  • my two favourite comedians.......i laughed the minute i saw the caption
  • lol lookin at the complexion, who's from SA them
  • Do you guys know were Trevor noahs from
  • at 0:50 trevor looks like a small kid who just got a surprise gift ha ha nice one
  • "Height is a perception"
  • i really think trevors reaction to the ties was awkward ish..... why tho?
  • Trevor Noah is a future star! he's was born for this gig!
  • Kevin Hart, please you need to get Trevor Noah to be in your next movie, that will be the best comedy ever 😂😂😂
  • This is a place where i have been able to differentiate American Accent from African Accent
  • when 2 clowns meet
  • when 2 clowns meet
  • here i was thinking bitch was unisex
  • Enjoyed this
  • btfu 😂😂😂😂 Trevor was mad about them ties that was not the gift he wanted
  • no offence to Kevin hart but Trevor Noah's stand up is better
  • Trevor Noah is way funnier than this clown!
  • "i expected a bigger reaction" 😂😂
  • crap let me throw em ties to the bin under ma desk
  • Two comedian sitting down togather....
  • wow... Two amazing people😍😍
  • my two favorite men in one room love them
  • He don't like that shit
  • my two favorite comedians, I can't believe I'm still watching this two years later, but Trevor didn't do good in this. my man Kevin's the best
  • is it just me or did Trevor get nervous for a bit at the beginning. It made me cringe lol
  • I just love Kevin hart!! he's my hero!!
  • What an irritating and unfunny person. :/
  • I think he is great!!!
  • The terribly unfunny Noah hits all the right buttons for the libtard left. Not white, not right, not funny!
  • who's the best comeadian kevin hart or travor Noah??
  • Kevin wanted to belittle Trevor period!. Why didn't he wait till after the show and give the ties to Trevor. Like Trevor don't have money to buy ties...Stupid
  • My two favorite working comedians right here, I also love the old Donald Glover, Katt and anytime Conan is on Tv.
  • where is the racism?
  • i like him. he is not a racist like dl hugely, or obama etc. he doesnt see color right off the bat like those racists I mentioned.
  • Trevor was visibly nervous here
  • omg thay both have the exact same hairstyle 😃😃😃😂😂😃
  • good one... though hart being a Mitch en irritating atymz got on Trevor's nerves...but TN played cool...I Luv doz 2
  • I have been trying to type a comment on Trevor Noah's taking over the show but the critics never stay on long enough for me to complete the comment.  You critics need to give more time to say something.  John Stewart is a business man and knows talent when he sees it.  I see a lot of people hating on Trevor because they didn't get the position.  It is obvious this young man is a hard worker and worked hard to get where he is.
  • Hello Trevor, time with Kev was so short though.
  • two comedians on stage always crazy
  • Kevin is a Coon next to Trevor

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