Jerry Seinfeld Full Stand Up Comedy

Jerry Seinfeld Full Stand Up Comedy
Jerry Seinfeld   Full Stand Up Comedy
Full Stand Up Comedy



  • I love Jerry seinfeld. He's literally the king of situational comedy
  • best part about his show was that Bassline now and then...
  • I actually had some difficulty breathing during this video
  • Sucked..
  • Wack !
  • The reason why Jerry is so amazing and funny, is how he exactly expresses that what he intends. Naturally we feel relatable! He is the moral center of the universe and we go “yes yes YES HAHAHA YES I KNOW RIGHT”. Still watchin the series till today.
  • I always love the way he talk you into the jokes
  • This guys fuckin hilarious I’m shocked, wasn’t expecting thid
  • It's Barry the Bee!
  • I was expecting a GoT episode after that HBO opening. Damn, I missed watching tv series which aren't totally crap..
  • my god like all fans of tears for fears kept saying roland orzabal looks like jerry. I think roland was betterlooking.
  • how about a "young seinfeld" show, similar as the new Sheldon series that is so good, from the Big Bang Theory. I would love to see the antics of the Seinfeld family of the 60s.....who could play an 8yr old Seinfeld?
  • Thank you, Love this many blessings!
  • Based on when it was factoried
  • SuperMan doesn’t wear a mask
  • SuperBoy wore a biker jacket
  • Master of language
  • 49:47 boy, was he wrong.
  • There's a fish! There's a rock! Who cares? Don't dieeeeeeeeeee... xD
  • *"orange marshmellow shaped like a big peanut"*
  • You can easily find the millennials and alcoholics--just look for the fall asleep listening to Jerry comments
  • 😂 i almost died watching this hot asian chick do stand up is her accent real??
  • Seinfeld fans probably like adam sandler too.
  • Damn it, I thought I'd only watch the first 10 minutes!
  • Ya like jazzz???
  • Türkçe altyazılı neden yok
  • 5:44 he gets baba booey'd
  • Good
  • guys hilarious
  • White comedy uggh did not find this funny not one bit.
  • Amazing that he got all those legendary comedy figures for the opening. PS: I really, really miss Ed McMahon and George Carlin out of the lineup of legends the most.
  • Super man doesn't ware a mask
  • Ya like jazz
  • Sacrifice fault knowledge limitation season defense together implement Greek chest opening.
  • "Amal and then the symbol for Boron." That's a B. The symbol for Boron is a 'B' So his name is Amal B. ??? (not so hard to say, and not so funny if you actually know this sort of stuff).
  • Funny cos the symbol for Boron is BO
  • This was made in 1998, 10 years before George Carlin died.
  • This is really funny
  • I wasn't aware of him until the "talking funny" video with Gervais, Rock and Ck. I wasn't expecting a lot since he appeared arrogant and not really nice to me, but I can see now what they meant with his clean and kids friendly humor and why it's so popular. He is very exact with his jokes, I appreciate and enjoy the intelligence behind it and also laugh a bit, but I don't quite get the big emotions. :)
  • And what's the deal with people shouting "Allahu akbar!" before blowing up innocent people?
  • No one lost ahead of You haha
  • That guys is awesome. But I lost COSTANZA #1
  • This guy is BRILLIANT! Not one curse in his set, yet he is as hysterically funny as Eddy Murphy.
  • whats the sick crooning swing song at the end? shazam doesnt recognize it
  • 14:42 as you can clearly see, Jerry narrowly avoided assassination on that day.
  • I didn't get the Jews joke and I didn't get the post office joke. The black guy in the first minute and a half said don't ask how I know he's Jewish I don't understand. And around 2 minutes the guy still have napkins tells Jerry something about the post office two back-to-back I don't get jokes explain please
  • Lol I remember the days of Mom making me wear a coat over my Halloween costume. Doesn't happen anymore here. Climate change. Goodnight conservatives.
  • Seinfeld is so fucking boring, he's like the mister Rogers of comedy...
  • Seinfeld is a master of the craft. Carlin, Emo Philips, Cho are my other favorites. Especially Emo. Emo delivered original comedy that is unmatched!

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