Why Is Eric Trump Like This?: The Daily Show

Why Is Eric Trump Like This?: The Daily Show
Why Is Eric Trump Like This?: The Daily Show
Trevor finds out why First Son Eric Trump reportedly channeled funds from a charity event for pediatric cancer into the Trump family business. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: http://www.cc.com/shows/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah/full-episodes The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Cancer is like one of a well known sickness that is not very curable and especially for kids SO the PRESIDENT with HATERS already is taking AWAY the money meant for helping kids WITH CANCER for his own personal wealth. Even Forest Gump knew when his money limit was and gave back remember Bubba. Now he takes away: money for sick children, his family name(although it wasn't worth to much before), and maybe next years campaign. And he succeeded. He SUCCEEDED in doing the OPPOSITE of what his SON was trying to HELP with. he was caught doing this. But nah its ok hes the president but if was the first lady. aaahhhhh no shes probably just going to waste it on clothes, and her hair. Ahem. Who else ?
  • Omg!! Trevor is amazing!!
  • this is another abusive act by trump. he can't help his father's abuse.
  • That's rich a trump lecturing people about morality.
  • Stealing money from children with cancer is cartoon villain level evil.
  • Why do they have weird skin color!!
  • I swear Trump and his sons have Picasso as a hairdresser
  • REALLY? WOW!!!
  • Hannity is as Bad as Trump. Enablers and Thieves. Where's the Kids Cancer Money Donnie????
  • I just feel like a serious pillow fight and only me with a pillow
  • That was some deep s*** to end the video on, Trevor!
  • You becoming boring totsi you falling too much to the LEFT.
  • God, he is really ugly! ....eric trump has no redeeming qualities in looks.
  • Eric, sorry my boy, you just so stupid and don't know what you talking about. Trevor o love you and your quick mind.
  • The Red Cross "channels funds" all the time
  • I wish you like s many others wouldn't take pot shot at Eric Trump. It seems cruel for no reason at all. I hate bullying no matter where it comes from. He should not be the target. Stick with the issues. Don't use him for a free laugh. It's unfair, inappropriate and mean-spirited.
  • How is it possible that this shit just happens all the time. Their shit. Say it with me guys, impeachment. Impeachment. Impeachment.
  • Eric Trump is sooooo weird ! When I think about soulless, emptiness, inmoral, corruption and stupidity.. his face comes to my mind.
  • whats the guy name at 3.13?
  • Eric trump should play the joker
  • How much money do these idiots need?
  • Eric looks like a failed abortion. What a creep.
  • Eric is like a sad blob fish that got stepped on several several times. He is as dumb as a sponge.
  • Hannity looks like mitt Romney if he had no personality
  • Good analogy - Trumps buildings - looks good on the outside but pretty empty on the inside.
  • Eric Trump tries to speak of "morals"? What a revolting development. Think cancer, St. Jude's, and the Trump golf club fund....Yes Erik morality has gone out the window and your family was at the start of it with your G-pa in NYC and the KKK.
  • The Daily Show......phony Trevor G!!!!Away to C.T. and ### MSAGA??????
  • CROOKISM/CRIMINAL behavior is all in their DNA ! Lol!
  • This is beyond illegal and I'm not gonna say that they should be put to death because that won't happen but the moment that came out they should've been arrested and put away for a long time.
  • Trump supporters don't give a shit about this.. In their eyes, those kids got cancer because they were liberals
  • The balls don't fall far from the chin
  • Gosh your sooo funny.....and truelly original....not. Keep spreading the hate man, good job!
  • I forgot Samantha B and Racheal Maddox. Thanks so so so much.. ... .... .
  • Oliver is awesome also. COBERT, NOAH, MAYER, SETH. Helping us through this Midevil Caveman Evolution that Trump can not interperate.
  • Cancer kids money is morally avoidant behavior typical of his dad and his father's OPRESSION on his relatives. Probably why the wives escape.
  • Has anyone EVER met an Eric that was not a lying cheating stealing scumbag??? Put the name Trump on the end and it just gets worse...
  • Where was Eric during his father's inhuman, immoral rallies??
  • It's hard to feel sympathy for Eric, but it is possible. He seems to have genuinely tried to raise as much money for kids with cancer, but then his dad has to gouge him. And Eric can't say, "screw this, I'm going to another golf course," because we know how vengeful Donald is, just ask Reince Priebus, Chris Christie and Smoochy.
  • He never saw hatred like this?, chanting 'crooked hillary' was and still is I see just a friendly recognition then. Ultimately call her or President Obama whatever you want. They have nothing to worry about now, what? being impeached? from where? yeah the Trumps are desperate, being just impeached would be the best outcome for them now. And is not just President Obama, loser 45 was about to take credit for the Panama canal too, Panama President had to remind him that happen like 100 years ago. Such a loser.
  • Trump supporters u should be a shame for elected such a bad family🙈,
  • Yes said dummy your dad is bigger hater of them all !
  • "I've never seen hatred like this....." are you kidding me? Talk to the African Americans. They can clue you in on what It's like to suffer from hatred🙄
  • Trevor. You are just priceless. Thank you so much!
  • profiting from charity events are morally wrong if not a crime. But why is it only raised when Trump became president? This may be a lie to incriminate trump....just saying.
  • this is fake news.
  • Taking money raised for kids with cancer is soulless. As a ginger, I definitely know a soulless man when i see one
  • Eric TRUMP is a leader and is excited with the very real progress his father has made in just 6 months. Eric is correct about the democrats. Just look at the Seth Rich murder and DWS. Just look at the Awan brothers and the Muslim Brotherhood. Just look at Uranium One and Mueller and Hillary. Just look at Nancy Pelosi and her emails proving her connection to the whole cover-up. Look at Chuck Schumer's connection to the attempted coupe in Turkey and Fetallah Guellen. Look at Maxine Waters who does not even live in the district she represents, spewing hatred for TRUMP and she is guilty of many crimes. Look at Brennan a full supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. Look at Rahm Emanuel openly defying federal immigration laws along with Jerry Brown. Look at the 9th district court judges appointed by OBAMA who openly defy our resident's executive orders. Eric is spot on and has a great future.

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