Why Is Eric Trump Like This?: The Daily Show

Why Is Eric Trump Like This?: The Daily Show
Why Is Eric Trump Like This?: The Daily Show
Trevor finds out why First Son Eric Trump reportedly channeled funds from a charity event for pediatric cancer into the Trump family business. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: http://www.cc.com/shows/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah/full-episodes The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Lmfao im not even surprised. Afterall a cokehead needs money from somewhere
  • "To me they're not even people"... The attitude of a proper dictator's son.
  • You talk so much about Trump.
  • They are people...thwy just dont agree with u eric drumpf!
  • Eric Trump seems to have as many Words as his FATHER 😱 Trump's are making money off the Taxpayers
  • A Trump talking about morals? So hilarious. We know your daddy hates America and 95 percent of all Americans. We know he doesn't consider us human unless we have billions. Sad. Hshashaha.
  • Eric Trump for President!
  • You haven't seen hatred like this....WAIT!
  • Is it me or does Eric Trump look like one of the characters from Beavis & Butthead? The guy with the Droopy lips?
  • Lmaooo!!!!! He would know about not being human, cause NONE OF THEM ARE, just look at them, they look like walking dead pasty faced corpses!!! He looks like Lurch, nah lurch is better looking!
  • All a bunch of racist devil worshipping Satanist, crooks, criminals, liars, pedophiles, blowhards that don't know sh*t except how to steal money from cancer charities for kids suffering with cancer!! Can't wait till they ALL GO TO JAIL, THEN AMERICA can start working it's way to a better America!!! Trumps a 5x draft dodging coward who uses the military n police to further his racist agenda, cause any other time he bashes them, he only praises them when he's using them as pawns!!
  • Inbreeding!
  • Eric Trump is mentally challenged as well as a vile fraud taking money from charity that helps kids with cancer.
  • Eric Trump is a dope.  I feel sorry for him. It's embarrassing our country.
  • Is there any real proof of charity money going to the Trumps pockets?!? That would be so much over any red line that I have problems to believe it.
  • Good call Daily Show
  • Trump and his Administration is like a watching a live comedy show. They're all a complete joke!
  • The shit never falls far from the evil man's asshole.
  • Eric, the super idiot.
  • Is "SAD" the only word these trump baffoons know . . . evidently so
  • But it’s soooo Trumpian.
  • We can say all we want but if it was Hilary in charge we would be a 3rd world country right now
  • Trever Noah is a bitch
  • All business and charities still working with trump and the GOP should be a focus of public attention. Anyone bending to their greed should be ashamed to look their fellow citizens in the eyes.
  • Why is everthing they say is like a self examination of their own faults. They think morality is just staying out of jail.
  • Where was the public outrage?
  • Why Is Fake news Like This?
  • I once saw Eric Trump eating feces from a toilet in a men's public restroom
  • Why is he speaking about his Dad like This? Eric Trump Moral's?
  • I like that show,realy thank u for smile everyday
  • That’s why we should be careful when we are doing charity
  • Expose these snakes Trevor. Excellent job
  • Father no!
  • Eric trump looks like he is the result of inbreeding 😂
  • Why does Eric Trump look like the Miz so much?
  • Eric, son, you do know who your father is, yes? Immorality should not come as a surprise anymore. Kettle, meet Pot.
  • That’s horrible. Wouldn’t even spare kids with cancer. Scumbags.
  • Special Needs Eric Trump (his correct, full name). Why is Eric like this? Perhaps it is Aspbergers Disease? Or he is on the Autism Spectrum? Or a pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) is one of the four autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and also one of the five disorders classified as a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). Donald Trump and another male Trump, not specified (it's mean to comment about non-adults), also seem to be on the spectrum with Special Needs Eric. That "the lights are on but no one is home" look, and odd behaviour because they are so inside of their own head they don't realize what is going on around them or what their body might be doing. Special Needs Eric sometimes looks like he is completely out of it and off his medication.
  • "The love of money is the root of all evil. They've erred from the Faith, and pierced themselves with many sorrows." Or, this works too: https://youtu.be/nW0X7VNARNg
  • Wow Eric Trump is unreal.
  • A Trump talking about morals 😂😂
  • The only one who's gotta be cracking up is Tiffany Trump.
  • Is that any different from what the Clintons did after the earthquake of Haiti?
  • I only hope that Baron is smarter than his siblings 😉
  • He Murdered so many elephants, he has grown a trunk!!
  • Past consider grant disagree judge minister sick chamber upon.
  • Shit people like the Drumpfs is why the World is such a hard place to live, and inspire desires to hurt them, badly, such horrible people, they bring destruction, misery and angers people, of course the fucking people are unattached to reality, who wants to live in the shit place they have help build, with their shit attitude? they prefer to live in a nice clean ordered and luxurious environment, don't we all? that's why you don't have such shit attitude, so that place one day can be everywhere https://pastebin.com/rys5Da9F

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