Serious Trump vs. Somber Trump vs. Freestyle Trump: The Daily Show

Serious Trump vs. Somber Trump vs. Freestyle Trump: The Daily Show
Serious Trump vs. Somber Trump vs. Freestyle Trump: The Daily Show
Trevor explains why President Trump takes on a different persona depending on his audience. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • 😂😂😂 I wasn't expecting the very accurate Bible comparison
  • What about the sneering Pooerrtoo Riiccoo?
  • 3:27 wearing headphones, scared the shit out of my right ear
  • Bill Pullman was the best actor in a Presidency.
  • People say, Trumps father accidentally got his mother pregnant deep in her Asshole so Trump grew deep in the shit in his mothers Asshole and was borne in an outhouse whole when she was taking a shit, thats why he is always yellow and looks like and sounds like an old infected diarrhea.
  • Bring back Jon Stewart. Noah has tragically brought decay to "The Daily Show".
  • Since I've been alive, Bush 2 was the worst president. I was born with Regan in office
  • Next there's going to be emotional trump "Oh I'm very sorry that People died today, but it's okay I was at golf"
  • Trump is being told to speak in these different tones on purpose. Then your filtered social media feeds you get the trump that you approve of the most, thus making more people like him. put on your tinfoil helmets and WAKE UP SHEEPLE.
  • I'm Jamaican and I laughed so hard😀😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😄😄😄😁
  • When Trump was elected I was super worried but then I remembered that I didn't lived In the US so not my problem right now I am laughing at is mistakes.
  • Trump has issues...
  • "Best Actor in a Presidency"? I don't know, I think Reagan would be a more popular choice for that award.
  • I remember reading this old psychology book by Gustave Le Bon, psychologist from the 18th century, called "The Crowd: A study of the popular mind." I'm not implying anything here, but it was used by several demagogues throughout history and I believe a lot of the same principles are used by the Trump administration. One thing it talked about was the vision of the crowd, what people collectively wanted and what was collectively appealing to them. Le Bon argued that it didn't matter if this vision was achieved or this thing was actually done, all that mattered was that people dreamed of it. I think this bears great resemblance to the border wall. The vision of Trump building a wall and having Mexico pay for it is very powerful; people like the idea, but it doesn't matter if they actually do it.
  • Maybe Trump's many contradicting personalities is a sign of being bipolar.
  • I just realise America has got a fake president
  • I think of Trump as a TREMENDOUS moron who conned even more monumental morons into thinking he meant what he promised.
  • Mental Retarded Trevor Noah vs. cottonfield slave Trebvor Noah vs. Freestyle Trebvor Noah: The Daily Show of Black Lazy Misfits. Remove that muslimsperm-swallowing dung beetle. TREVOR FUCK OFF YOU DISABLED BROWN HOLLYWOOD CLOWN. FUCK OFF NOAH ILLEGAL REFUGEES ARE NOT WELCOME.
  • Trump is a genius. He has simultaneously captured the hearts of the people And turn them off at the same time! Who is this man?
  • Presidential is easy.....Not so much!
  • Much too loud at the end. My neighbours complain.
  • A great show!
  • He missed an opportunity for an easy Eddie Murphy joke at the end.
  • Reminds me of Hillary Clinton. I liked her southern accent.
  • In a theme
  • You make my day
  • Kushner has a little program that crunches the numbers and spits out a summary of the way Trump should act for any given speech and location.
  • The last part nails it! Narcissists need attention. Trump needs attention, nothing more, nothing less. The problem is, now you can't ignore the narcissist, as you should, because he is the fucking president.
  • Altzeimers biggly😷 tanning poisoning😎 lack of nooky syndrome👥Repubicant hand puppet🎭 paingiving biggot♥Dissapointed, not mad. 😂
  • It's true...Trump supporters are idiots! How can you look/listen to the Douche and not realize what a douche he is?
  • What else is missing from this vile administration - besides pretty much anything positive? Pets. The Idiot Trump is so narcissistic & detestable, no dogs or kitties would agree to go anywhere near him without try'na bite his dumb ass.
  • 0:06 Split (2017) Starring: Donald Trump
  • Thanks for sustaining us during the long hiatus! You rock!
  • Now I want to see Raggae Trump persona. At least he will be entertaining while being a racist.
  • The worst thing is that he's not in peace with himself ....
  • This guy is a joke! The worst POTUS ever! People who still support him now must have mental problems!
  • Whiplash~Whiplash~Perfect time to be playing NCT's song!
  • That is why you cannot trust anything he says. He goes back and forth and never sounds sincere. Then he mocks the highest office of the country.
  • His face repulses me
  • trying to explain anything to Trump fans
  • As always, Trump sounds like the dude on a street corner ranting.  The only reason his fans don't see that is that he has money and was on their TV.
  • Trev, you are wrong. Japanese toilets are way more complicated than Donald Trump.
  • My favorite Trump is Reality TV Trump. Back when he was less relevant than the Kardashians. Those were the days.
  • Lolllllll
  • Wow!!! Americans are fucked!!! Trump is truly full of shit....I'll pray for you're gonna need it
  • 🤣🤣
  • ♊️
  • Don't like Trump? Don't use Twitter to trash Trump? Hire me to do it for you! Once a day (and soon more often), I will shoot a tweet out to trigger Trump.
  • So he can talks about Bible but he wont even talk about Qu'ran. Lets see the difference between pages in Qu'ran.He is too scary about it ;)
  • Early signs of dementia I think.

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