Charlie Sheen on Piers Morgan Tonight

Charlie Sheen on Piers Morgan Tonight
Charlie Sheen on Piers Morgan Tonight
Charlie Sheen on Piers Morgan Tonight (2011 02 28)



  • i think all those drugs he takes really screwed him up. even the way he moves and his eyes look nutso. he almost moves like he has parkinsons disease. what a train wreck
  • I hate Charlie Sheen so much... I wish he would agree to fight me so we can see who's "winning"
  • 43:55 look how piers morgan speaks to him you..bc he's charlie is suzi to jared kushenr so give her the add rare meds.translates to LD..seen it a million times hold you down..hes not a monster..
  • Lori Maine married Post Office..Jim janitor then Jim..Chuck Lorri Lori..
  • winning.😁
  • LOVE Charlie. LOve that guy, but typical Hollywood loser!!!!!!
  • he hates A.A. o.k., cool. I like Charlie, but A.A has worked for me
  • he is such a cunt
  • when you watch this video and know today that he had AIDS it all makes sense now. yes he might have stopped taking drugs but he was on some type of herbal supplement that made him feel strong and goofy
  • Charlie here is willing to put all the shit behind him and get back to work and make two and a half men the number one sitcom in the world again , Chuck is a bitch and his ego was hurt , fact chuck was jealous of Charlie his fame at this time was at its peak
  • Crack results. Period.
  • Piers Morgan is a terrible interviewer....this segment would have been gold with a good interviewer (ie Howard Stern!!!!)
  • Piers Morgan looks like an uncircumcised penis
  • they should have left him alone and enjoy the ride. total dumb fucks
  • hes kind of nuts ..he doesn't seem to grounded ,,,The Only time he seems when hes acting,
  • Celebrity idolatry!
  • Charlies a g ,to still stand with pried,.bless him
  • Jp
  • Being scottish.... 13:40-13:50 baseball terms crack us up.
  • Lap force stuff its long accident.
  • I thought the scattered applause at the beginning was hilarious.
  • a nutter talks to a twat which is which i leave it to you
  • the man is extremely intelligent, but it's obvious that drugs have reduced his lifespan manifold over.
  • Exclusive: Sheen "I'm a winner"
  • Who's your DADDY?
  • Last day of Funyuns for Steakhouse Onion better call Plano TX Frito Lay and Johnson and Johnson Getting love on Pepsie Chhhhhhhhhhhh Chhhhhhhhhh Chhhhhhhh eeeeerrrrrrrreeeeeeeee vanilla
  • 376 OT are enough to laugh at... start new comedy ok dokie in my apratment via vaporizer concentrated HARD. Zen Conspriacy your days are numbers to a few Capri 120's blue mentol. TICKY TOCKY white boy better dance moon walk backwarxsaliewru4534po5iu99xxx-[--34=]11 Lp :p
  • So is Google and HBO esp Bill Maher The Trut Files need to ended. Love, Me to fix Youtube for humanity plz. TY.
  • Downtown Las Vegas NE YO I'm bored too
  • Thanks for nothing u u AIDS victim! FU ALL THE W?AY!
  • he smokes coke but wont take a pain pill.
  • piers Morgan is a fukin skip rat lovin other people's shit!!!!
  • Nothing but love
  • When your fucked and HIV. Just correction on my post
  • I get charlie. Fuck anyone could be in his postion. U just dont know what is in ones life. Fuck he took a award for his show. Fuck me can you pick it. Fuck everyone and there denials. Fuck the courage he had. I would of jumped of a bridge. Doing a sitcom. When you have a fucked and have HIV.
  • They should have just put him back to work and forget about it. Except that the dude that writes the show has addiction issues as well. He was probably jealous because Charlie relapsed. lol
  • charlie has mental health issues in that he has some brain chemistry that is off. Which came first the drugs or the neurotransmitter imbalance is not really here nor there.
  • Piers is clever and so is Charlie. great interview.
  • Sober Valley Lodge.....that is rich.
  • junkies always lie..
  • CNN should've hired Charlie Sheen to replace Larry King. Not that cunt Piers.
  • wow, piers morgan just trying to pull a guilt trip, whats the point of that, what point is he trying to get to? what a fool
  • ....Formation around the guy carrying the ball..... quite a winning pun charlie
  • i cant stand this peirce morgan faggot
  • If anyone told you to silence any results or information about HIV in himself or anyone else, or if you need help to exit the sex industry - please get in touch with
  • sheen is a douche and morgan is a little bitch
  • 15:48 Charlie using the usage of 'begs the question' wrong. A common mistake. Begs the question refers to the answer of a question is in it's statement, not leading to a question.
  • Tell you what Sheen I don't want your life don't kid yourself
  • He is not Keith Richards for god sakes

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