How to Resolve the Windows Error “Your Organization’s Data Cannot Be Paste Here”

Does Windows not let you paste data because it’s “your organization’s data”? This is how to resolve it.

Have you had problems pasting data from your business into other Office applications? It indicates that you do not have permission to copy the data to the program that you are attempting to copy to. Why?

The issue generally arises when your company forbids copy-pasting data via Microsoft Intune due to security concerns. Nevertheless, other possible causes include utilizing an out-of-date application, exceeding the allotted data copying limit, or experiencing issues with the source or destination files. Try these fixes if you’re experiencing a similar problem.

1. Verify Microsoft Intune’s Copy-Pasting Isn’t Blocked

Administrators have the ability to set up Microsoft Intune policy to stop users from transferring data across apps, hence preventing external data sharing. When you try to move the data, you’ll probably see this error if your company prohibits copying and pasting. You must unblock copy-pasting in your Intune policy in order to resolve this problem.

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In the event that you lack administrator access to the Microsoft Intune dashboard, you will be unable to establish the policy alone; instead, you will need to ask the administrator to assist you. The following actions are required of administrators:

  1. Open the Microsoft Intune dashboard after logging in.
  2. Click Client apps from the sidebar on the left.
  3. Open the Client apps window and navigate to the App protection policies in the left-sidebar.
  4. Navigate to the current policy settings.
  5. Navigate to the Data Transfer area.
  6. Make sure that you haven’t limited the ability to cut, copy, and paste between apps; if you have, unblock it.

Once the policy is unblocked, data copying and pasting between apps ought to work without any issues. The following fixes can be helpful if this step doesn’t work to address the problem.

2. Make Sure It’s an Editable File

Most Office programs open files in Protected View when you download them from the internet or get them over email in order to shield your machine from malware. If you’d want to understand more about this kind of attack, be sure to read our post about how hackers can use vulnerable documents to hack Windows.

You must enable editing in order to exit Protected View, and the file you’re pasting data into must be editable in order to copy and paste data between apps.

Therefore, before copying data, make sure the file isn’t open in Protected View. If you select Enable Editing and copy the data, you will not see the error if it is not editable. If desired, it is also possible to permanently disengage the read-only mode.

In the event that the file remains editable and the issue persists, proceed to the following step.

3. Look for a Problem Specific to a File

Check that the mistake affects more than one file, assuming the file is editable. By making a new document and putting the copied data there, you can rule out this possibility. If it pastes successfully, there’s probably a file-specific problem.

To combat this, you can copy the organization data and paste it later after moving the contents from your old file to a newly generated file. Go on to the next repair, though, if the problem still exists with the freshly produced files.

4. Verify if you copied the data into a blank file.

If you are getting an error when pasting the data into an empty file, you might need to fill out the document first. Although less likely, this workaround could assist you in solving the issue.

To paste the copied data, open the document to which you want to copy the data, add some text, save it, and then open it again. Proceed to the next solution if you continue to get this error when pasting data into a completed document.

5. Verify Your Permission to Copy and Paste the Information.

Administrators may control which data users can access and how they can utilize it by using Microsoft Intune. As a result, confirm that you are able to copy and paste the data that is giving you trouble.

If your colleague shares the same access level and belongs to the same user group as you, you can ask them to copy the data. Ask your administrator why you are unable to copy the data, and he will help you if he is able to do it while you are unable to do so.

6. Never Paste the Data Into an App That Is Exempt

Make sure your organization has given you permission to use the app if you are experiencing this issue and this is your first time copying data to an app. The caveat is that only administrators are able to verify that.

Thus, request that your administrator go to Client applications > App protection policies > the policy you want to modify > Data Transfer first. Then, make sure that the option to “Select apps to exempt” is not chosen for any apps.

However, proceed to the next repair if the app is not exempt in the Intune admin portal and you have duplicated the material there numerous times.

7. If possible, break out the data.

Administrators can set a limit on how many characters can be copied and pasted at once in Intune. If the policy has such a limit set and you copy more data than allowed, you’ll probably run into the problem under discussion.

First, chunk the data and attempt to move it into smaller sections to make sure that a data limit isn’t the source of the issue. whether dividing the data into smaller chunks resolves the problem, ask your administrator whether there is a limit in place. The policy administrator can remove it if it is present.

Using the same link as previously described, navigate to the Data Transfer section as an administrator. For each program, locate the Restriction cut, copy, and paste between other apps setting. In that area, remove the limit next to Cut and copy character limit.

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If you remove the limit, copy-pasting large amounts of data won’t trigger the error message. Proceed to the next step, though, if the limit wasn’t previously established or if chunking the data didn’t work to fix the problem.

8. Refresh Your Application

Antiquated applications may also serve as a haven for unanticipated issues. Update both of the apps you’re sharing data between if you haven’t updated the one where the error is occurring. If you want to know more, we have an article that goes over updating programs on Windows 11.

Easy Data Relocation

You should be able to move your data successfully and address the underlying cause of the “your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” error by using the changes mentioned in the article. If none of the above options work to resolve the issue, get in touch with your administrator for additional support.

Just as copy-pasting between Office apps can result in an error if it’s prohibited by Intune restrictions, it can also cause your system to crash as a whole. If that occurs, do not panic; to repair it, restart File Explorer, use an external mouse to copy and paste, and disable RAM optimization programs.

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