Location Not Found Meaning and Solution 

Combining “Find My Friends” and “Find My iPhone,” the Find My app for iPhone is a flexible tool for locating the circle of friends and family as well as the music on misplaced Apple devices. Customers could, however, occasionally come across the annoying “Location Not Found” or “Location Not Available” message for a variety of reasons. We can identify the root causes of the capacity issue behind this issue and offer a thorough fix in this detailed guide.

Why Does “Location Not Found” Say on My iPhone?

Older iOS:

For optimal functionality, make sure your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS. An outdated operating device can cause a number of issues, one of which is the inability to monitor the environment.

How to Disable Location Services:

It’s possible that your iPhone can’t accurately determine your area if you’ve disabled location services. It is essential to enable this option in order to fix the “No Location Found” problem.

Network Problems:

Unreliable or nonexistent community connections can make it more difficult for the iPhone to successfully share its location. Resolving network-related problems is necessary for seamless area surveillance.

Erroneous Date and Time:

The accuracy with which the iPhone can provide location information can be affected by incorrect date and time settings. In order to troubleshoot the issue, it is simple but necessary to verify and adjust these settings.

Locate My Location And Share It:

Enabling “Find My iPhone” and “Share My Location” is crucial for effective location monitoring. “Position Not Found” errors could appear if you disable these features.

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Look Me Up On Apple:

Technical issues may also occasionally impact the “Find My” service’s functionality after Apple shuts down. One way to find out if the carrier has outages is to look up the Apple machine’s fame.

Airplane mode on an iPhone:

Your iPhone will stop working with Wi-Fi, including location services, if you put it in Airplane mode. There is a straightforward method to resolve the “Position Not Found” error: disable airplane mode.

How to Fix an iPhone That Says “No Location Found”:

Shut Down and Relaunch Find My App:

The first step in simple troubleshooting is usually to close and reopen the Find My app. Try restarting your iPhone to reset its processes if the problem continues.

Turn on Location Services.

Open the Settings app, choose Privacy, and then press the Location Services button. Turn on Location Services by flipping the switch to make sure your iPhone can pinpoint its location.

Activate Specific Location:

Give ‘Find My’ the required permissions to track your exact location. Toggle on Precise Location under Privacy > Location Services > Find My in Settings.

Disable the airplane mode:

To restore wireless connectivity, open the Settings app, select Airplane Mode, and turn off the switch. This easy fix will fix the “No Location Found” error.

Restart your iPhone:

You can fix underlying technical issues with your iPhone by restarting it. The process differs according to the model of your iPhone, so it’s a clean slate.

Decide on the accurate day and time:

Go to Settings, choose General, then press the Date & Time button. To ensure accurate date and time settings, turn off “Set Automatically” and enter the name of your city for the appropriate time zone.

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Ascertain a Working Internet Connection:

To track someone’s location effectively, you need a reliable internet connection. Depending on your preferences, connect to Wi-Fi or turn on cellular data to guarantee constant access to “Find My.”

Activate Share My Location And Find My:

Choose Find My under your Apple ID in Settings. Turn on “Share My Location” and “Find My iPhone” to make these functions available and fix any possible location problems.

Visit the System Status Page on Apple:

To find out how the “Find My” service is doing, go to Apple’s official System Status website. Red or yellow dots denote problems that might need to be waiting on Apple to fix, whereas green dots indicate normal functioning.

Reset the privacy option and location:

Resetting privacy and location settings to their default settings can help fix persistent problems if everything else fails. Enter your passcode to gain access to Settings > General > Reset, then choose “Reset Location & Privacy.”

Update iOS:

To make sure you are using the most recent iOS version on your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update. To fix any potential software-related issues, download and install any updates that are available.


Q1: What Causes “No Location Found” to Appear on My iPhone?

  • There are several possible causes for this.
  • Network issues, outdated iOS, disabled location services, or misconfigured date and time settings can all be contributing factors to the issue.

Question 2: How Can I Turn On My iPhone’s Location Services?

  • Navigate to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Choose Privacy by swiping down.
  • Choose Location-Based Services.
  • Flip to the button with Location Services next to it.

Q3: What should I do if I see “No Location Found” on my iPhone while it is in airplane mode?

  • Open your iPhone’s settings.
  • Locate and disable the Airplane mode button.
  • The icon of the airplane in the upper left corner will vanish.

Q4: How Can I Fix Region-Related Issues on My iPhone By Restarting It?

  • Press and hold the side and volume buttons of the iPhone X and later models until the power off slider appears.
  • To display the phone, slide the slider; to reboot, press and hold the side button.

Q5: What Makes Accurate Time and Date Crucial for Site Monitoring?

  • Your iPhone’s neighborhood records may not be as accurate if its date and time settings are off.
  • Go to Settings, choose General, and then tap Date to reset it.

In summary

It takes a methodical approach to fix the “No Location Found” problem on your iPhone, taking into account a number of possible reasons. Through the comprehensive procedures described in this manual, users can identify and resolve the issue, guaranteeing the smooth operation of the ‘Find My’ application for tracking location. Updating iOS frequently, turning on location services, and verifying network connectivity are all necessary to keep performance at its best.

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