Techfelts: Phone Free Call, Set Photo in Phone Dialer, Retrieve Deleted Photos

Techfelts is the best backup and restoration app for photos, videos, contacts, and documents. This program includes duplication removal. It finds duplicate photos, audio, video, and document files. It looks through the internal and external memory of the phone. Techfelts assists you in finding and deleting recovered data. An additional feature allows you to store a backup of your application data. It’s easy to install and configure this free Play Store software.

Why Are Techfelts Needed?

It does, in fact, include both recent and old photos. I noticed the photos on the list that I lost two years ago. The quality of the pictures is a little worse. If only I could award five stars. One star, though, because it didn’t display the pictures I was hoping to see. I’m hoping they can get videos and PDFs back. Regards. This is excellent for recovering old files. It retrieves deleted files as needed.

Features of Techfelts For Getting Back Deleted Pictures

I recovered all of my lost documents, audio files, movies, and pictures. The best features are Junk Cleaner, Deep Scan, Device info, Contact backup, App uninstaller, and App backup.

I’m grateful for the wonderful app:

  • Best free program for backing up pictures.
  • All of the deleted photos are recoverable.
  • Data on Android devices can be restored.
  • Get back every application.
  • Auto backup is provided by Contact.
  • Eliminate duplicate images, documents, music, and videos.
  • Your backup data is stored in history.
  • Contacts can be saved as favorites.

How To Retrieve Recently Deleted Pictures

Step 1: Go to the gallery on your phone to see a number of pictures.

Step 2: Select the option with three dots at the bottom.

Step 3: Choose Recycle Bin to view a wealth of pictures that have been removed over the last 30 days.

Step 4: Locate and click the picture that you wish to restore.

Step5: Select “Restore” from the bottom menu. And voilĂ ! Your gallery now contains your most popular picture.

Recuperation of Pictures Erased Half a Year Ago

For images deleted more than six months ago, an alternative technique is required. This calls for downloading an app, more on which in a moment.

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Techfelts Photo Recovery’s Advantages

Let’s look at Techfelts Photo Recovery’s advantages for those who have experienced data loss after learning about its features:

  • Economical:Compared to other data recovery programs, Techfelts Photo Recovery is less expensive. This is a powerful free utility.
  • Easy to Utilize An intuitive user interface guarantees data recovery at every stage.
  • Techfelts scans data retrieval speed measures. This makes it simple for you to get your information back and get on with your day.
  • Technical expertise is not required. Using Techfelts Photo Recovery does not require technical expertise. The user-friendly user interface helps users move through the process with ease.
  • Safe Data: Techfelts places a high priority on data security, protecting the information you’ve saved.
  • Adaptable Recovery You can minimize device clutter and preserve only the files you require with Selective Recovery.
  • It is not necessary to perform regular backups. Although backups are essential, Techfelts safeguards you in the event that you lose or forget to back up your data before the next backup.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: Techfelts Photo Recovery works with iOS, Android, and PC platforms.

Actual Circumstances

In order to understand Techfelts Photo Recovery’s utility and application, let’s look at some actual situations where this technology might be helpful:

  • Accidental deletions: It’s simple to unintentionally erase documents or photos. You can save work papers, memories, and restore these data with Techfelts’ assistance.
  • Device issues: Your device may experience data loss due to technical issues. Techfelts is able to recover your data even from a broken device.
  • virus or malware attacks Techfelts is capable of recovering deleted data from viruses or malware.
  • You can manage storage space by wiping and restoring smaller documents with Storage Space Management Techfelts.
  • Upgrades or replacements of devices: Data transfer can be challenging when changing or replacing a computer or phone. Techfelts assists in restoring historical data from modern gadgets.

Top 3 Substitutes


From HDDs, SSDs, SD Cards, 4K hard drives, USB drives, and more, Stellar aids in the recovery of deleted photos, videos, and audio files. The program retrieves RAW images from popular camera manufacturers. Assume the photo recovery software is incompatible with the file format of the items you wish to recover. In that scenario, you can add new file headers manually or automatically, or you can improve any of the current file formats. It can handle a vast array of multimedia file formats, including uncommon ones. Stellar Picture Recovery locates missing files by using file signatures. Select Deep Scan to perform a thorough disc or location scan if, following a brief scan, your chosen file is not present in the detected list.

Wizard for FonePaw Data Recovery

FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard is a powerful and well-liked data recovery program. It recovers any kind of deleted or lost file. FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard is compatible with both Windows and Mac. More than 6000 Android phones and iOS 15 iPhones, iPads, and iPods are compatible with the program. The software increases the success rate with two scanning modes. FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard can also retrieve notes, archives, other documents, and video and audio files.

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The best Android photo recovery app is Dumpster. It can retrieve deleted messages as well as RAW, JPG, PDF, mp3, mp4, AVI, DOC, TXT, APK, and VCF files. A dumpster duplicates deleted files in the background, much like a smartphone plug-in, as opposed to other photo recovery apps that scan storage. It functions similarly to the recycle bin on your PC.

In summary

To sum up, Techfelts is a versatile platform for digital recovery. Techfelts helps you with intricate photo restoration and recovery. The comprehensive rehabilitation guide on the website compensates for the absence of an app. As technology advances, so too will our tools and applications. Techfelts is an innovative symbol of digital recovery. Subscribe to the blog if you’re interested in Techfelts or want to stay up to date on tech advancements.


Techfelts Photo Recovery: What Is It?

For the purpose of recovering deleted images, videos, and documents, Techfelts Photo Recovery is a strong and user-friendly utility. It saves priceless data and aids in the recovery of important files.

Is There A Mobile App For Techfelts Photo Recovery?

There isn’t a specific mobile app for Techfelts. Recovery services are easily obtainable online for users.

In which situations could Techfelts Photo Recovery be useful?

Techfelts Photo Recovery offers assistance with accidental data loss, malware or virus infestations, system malfunctions, storage capacity management, and device replacements or upgrades. In many cases of data loss, this technique is effective.

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