The $25 per month xFi Complete add-on is required to use Comcast’s new faster upload speeds.

100Mbps upload speeds are possible with the xFi Complete hardware rental package, though.

Recently, Comcast Internet customers who have been annoyed by the poor upload speeds of the cable provider have received some encouraging news. There is a caveat to faster Comcast uploads: consumers must purchase xFi Complete in order to get the higher upstream speeds, which raises monthly internet bills by $25.

“As markets launch, Xfinity Internet customers who subscribe to xFi Complete will have their upload speeds increased between 5 and 10 times faster,” stated an announcement made last week. “With an xFi Pod [Wi-Fi extension] incorporated if suggested, xFi Complete comes with wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage, sophisticated cybersecurity protection at home and on the road, and tech auto-upgrades for a new gateway after three years. Now, quicker upload rates are an additional advantage of xFi Complete.”

Over the next months, Comcast will roll out the speed boost in the Northeastern United States. If you pay for xFi Complete, plans with 10Mbps upload speeds can increase to 100Mbps upload rates once the additional tiers launch in your area. Faster upload speeds will be available for customer-owned modems “later next year,” according to Comcast, though they did not give a more precise date.

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Comcast has the option to rent the Wi-Fi 6E hardware for $14 per month, making it less expensive to receive the same xFi Gateway. However, Comcast is restricting access to the upload boost to users of its more expensive xFi Complete subscription.

For the first year of service, new customers who sign up before December 31 can obtain xFi Complete for $20 per month instead of the usual $25.

Comcast’s timeframe for user-owned gear is unclear.

We questioned Comcast today to find out whether there was a technical reason why it couldn’t provide the faster upload speeds on equipment that belongs to the customers. In response, a business spokesman stated that Comcast is working on enabling better upload speeds for modems that aren’t Comcast.

“We intend to extend the experience to customer-owned modems later next year and are working through the technical requirements as we learn,” stated Comcast. “We started offering it with our own equipment first and now are working through how to extend to customer-owned equipment.”

Giving the upload boost to xFi Complete users first, according to Comcast, adheres to its “typical validate, test, and certification process for a new network innovation.” However, since the upload boost was first restricted to Comcast hardware for strictly technical rather than commercial reasons, it’s hard to see why $14/month gateway renters shouldn’t have the same advantage.

Additionally, Comcast has been hinting at Full Duplex enhancements, which are meant to offer cable customers symmetrical upload and download speeds. At minimum for select cable subscribers, Comcast promises to provide multi-gigabit upload and download speeds “before the end of 2023.” If those updates necessitate an xFi Complete subscription, it won’t be shocking.

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Unlimited data is linked to xFi Complete as well.

Comcast has previously included a function that seemed unrelated into xFi Complete. Customers can obtain unlimited data as part of xFi Complete or for a separate cost if they live in a region where Comcast imposes its 1.2TB data limits.

The Northeast US, where Comcast still does not impose the data cap that it does in most other states, was the target of last week’s announcement of faster speeds. In the Northeast, Verizon’s uncapped FiOS fiber-to-the-home service gives Comcast more fierce competition.

Because they are exempt from Comcast’s data cap, customers in the Northeastern United States may not have been pressured to purchase xFi Complete in the past. Higher upload speeds may persuade some skeptics to purchase the $25 monthly add-on, even though their existing routers and modems ought to be capable of handling the speeds offered by Comcast’s new service tiers.

In the statement, Kevin Casey, president of the company’s Northeast division, stated, “Comcast continues to be ahead of customer demand.” “Through advanced digital network innovation, we are again evolving our network to provide faster speeds for customers and are excited to begin rolling out a multi-gig speed tier to customers in the Northeast.”

Information on the new speed tiers

By the end of this year, Comcast “will increase speeds for its most popular Xfinity Internet tiers across 14 northeastern states from Maine through Virginia and the District of Columbia,” according to the release.

The download speed increases don’t need purchasing xFi Complete, in contrast to the upload boosts. There will be an increase in download speeds for Performance Starter tier from 50 to 75Mbps, Performance tier from 100 to 200Mbps, and Performance Pro from 300 to 400Mbps.

If you don’t have xFi Complete, upload rates for all three of those tiers will stay at 10Mbps. The 75Mbps download and 75Mbps upload speeds are available to those who purchase xFi Complete. 100Mbps uploads are available for both the 200 and 400Mbps download plans, but only with xFi Complete.

Comcast is increasing the download speeds of its 600 and 900 Mbps plans to 1 Gbps and 800 Mbps, respectively. Those two tiers provide 20Mbps upload speeds in the absence of xFi Complete. They obtain upload speeds of 100Mbps with xFi Complete.

With xFi Complete, a 1.2Gbps download plan with 35Mbps upload speeds will have 200Mbps upload speeds. Lastly, a new 2Gbps download package will be available “in select markets” and would provide upload speeds of 100Mbps without xFi Complete and 200Mbps with it.

In Augusta, Georgia; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Panama City Beach, Florida, Comcast has already announced comparable increases in upload and download speed. Eventually, those improvements ought to reach every area under Comcast’s control, most likely with the same disclaimer that users need to purchase xFi Complete in order to benefit from the faster upload speeds. A brief June 16 Comcast release also referenced the need for xFi Complete in order to achieve better upload speeds.

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