Why Trailforks Is a Must-Have App for Mountain Biking

Trailforks is a must-have mountain riding tool that combines handy features, fitness tracker compatibility, and reliable map data gathered from crowds.

As any mountain biker knows, it can be challenging to locate and navigate the best routes. When you’re riding in a new region, it can sometimes be difficult to find new routes that are appropriate for your skill and level of fitness.

But, you also don’t want to work hard on a difficult climb on a weekend and then discover that construction is taking place on your favorite blue-rated flow route, and that the only way down is that double-black technical trail with the gnarly, steep, and slippery rock wall. Fear not: Trailforks is an essential app for tracking and mapping mountain riding trails.

What Makes Trailforks Unique Compared to Others

With approximately 500,000 trails in over 100 nations in its database, Trailforks is probably going to have maps of the trails you’re riding. It’s simple to select routes with Trailforks’ interactive trail maps, which have everything from flow trails to technical portions, easy climbs to double black descents, and each labeled with a community ride score, average time to complete, mileage traveled, and elevation gain. A lot of paths also have images and videos.

Because it leverages a crowdsourced database maintained by other mountain bikers, Trailforks is the greatest software for mountain riding. By adding new routes, maintaining those that already exist, reporting trail conditions, and keeping track of their rides, anybody may enlarge and curate the database. Trail data is precise and current since it is based on users’ actual GPS data.

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Trailforks was created from the ground up with local mountain biking groups in mind, unlike other apps. This implies that regional mountain biking clubs can utilize Trailforks to control local content. The most knowledgeable trail users can select content and offer guidance, suggestions, and approved route planning choices to local property managers.

In this way, Trailforks promotes trail organizations and a dependable platform with trustworthy data that all riders may utilize to improve their mountain experience. Its distinctive quality is that it is a moderated website as well. Other riders may submit images and videos, however voting and reporting content modifies the content.

Free access is available to the Trailforks website, which also provides maps and trail data. For the first seven days, the app’s features are entirely free to use. You will always be able to access your chosen home region for free after that. Nevertheless, in order to gain unrestricted access to global trail maps, you must upgrade to Pro.

Combining Trailforks With Other Exercise Equipment

Although you can use an Android handset as a GPS tracker, you should think about getting anything from Garmin if you want precision, consistency, and additional health monitoring functions (depending on the model). Expectedly, there is a lengthy list of devices compatible with Trailforks in Garmin’s Connect IQ app store.

You can obtain turn-by-turn guidance in the middle of nowhere by pairing Trailforks with one of these gadgets. Installing the Garmin-specific Trailforks app will allow you to smoothly interact with the Trailforks website and database if you already own a Garmin device and Trailforks was not loaded from the factory.

Trailforks allows users of the 520, 820, 1000, and 1030 Edge smartphones to access the Garmin Connect IQ App. From the Trailforks website or app, you can download a route or trail to your Garmin device using this app, and use it as a turn-by-turn guidance system.

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There are three primary areas in the Trailforks app on Garmin Edge devices:

My Routes

This section displays all of the routes that you have placed to your wish list on the Trailforks website or mobile app, or that you have emailed to your Garmin device. You can add your own routes, user-created routes, and even racecourses provided by a local trail association to your collection of routes.

Convenient Routes

This section has routes tailored to your favorite riding style and degree of difficulty. Using the Trailforks Ridelog tool, which examines your riding history to provide personalized recommendations, makes this feasible.

Examine the Best Routes

You can view selected routes in this section, including the top routes in Trailforks’ directory, known as Trailforks Gold routes. You can find the routes for future races here as well, which should make it simple to run some practice rides or follow on race day.

You may track other health-related statistics, like heart rate variability, respiration, stress levels, sleep score, VO2 max, stamina, and other metrics, by utilizing Trailforks on other Garmin devices, including the incredibly feature-rich MARQ Smartwatch.

Trailforks Integrates YouTube

In addition to offering you the option to peruse YouTube channels aimed at improving your biking skills, Trailforks also keeps an index of the best mountain biking YouTube channels that are riding-focused. You can also find videos from these channels linked to trails on Trailforks, including the trails in your area. A fast search will provide video after video of local riders tearing up single track in your area; these are excellent sources of motivation to get out on the trails or to get a sneak peek at what’s to come.

Finding Recommended Rides on Trailforks

When you log ride information using the Trailforks app on your smartphone, Trailforks may analyze your ridelog history and identify the kind of activities you frequently partake in. Trailforks can create personalized local route recommendations for you based on this data.

The good news is that you can begin recording your activities with the Trailforks app at any moment, even if you haven’t used it previously or if you have but aren’t using the ridelog feature. You can connect your Strava account to import data if you have been using it to log your rides.

Heat Map for Trailforks Feature

The heat map function is among Trailforks’ most useful features. As the name implies, the software has the ability to color trails on a map according to rider popularity, with the most popular trails showing up as red and the least popular trails as green. Only rider data from the previous year is used to determine popularity, and it is only measured in relation to other trails in the same area. This tool makes it simple to locate the most well-liked trails in an area.

When Going on Your Mountain Biking Adventures, Should You Download Trailforks?

Trailforks distinguishes itself from the competition with a few special features. Additionally, it works flawlessly with social media, fitness trackers, and even other cycling applications like Strava. For your next mountain bike ride, this is definitely worth a try thanks to the great software, precise data, and seamless integration with fitness trackers.

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